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Grass Roots Nutrition

Holly Larson, the registered dietitian and blogger behind Grass Roots Nutrition

This week in Cincy Chic we featured a gal named Holly Larson who recently launched her business and blog, Grass Roots Nutrition, to inspire people to eat good food that’s also good for you. I first learned about Holly through my friend Nidhi at A Bride’s Mafia. Apparently, Holly just joined “The Mafia” and Nidhi thought we should meet since I’m always posting pics of my garden and food on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The "banana ice cream" Holly taught me how to make!
The “banana ice cream” Holly taught me how to make!

So, we got in contact with each other, I went to her office in Oxford (which is actually a super cute apartment that she set up to feel like a home to help her clients better picture implementing her tips and tricks in their home) and I just had the BEST time. She’s so full of helpful info, a very talented cook, and — this is the best part, I think — she’s really dedicated to healthy and delicious, but also inexpensive, food.

For example, you can get bananas that are on special because they’re a little past their prime… freeze them… and then, when you need a sweet treat, throw a frozen banana in a food processor with some cinnamon and voila you have banana ice cream that truly tastes like ice cream! (I made it for my husband the other day and he had no idea that he was just eating a frozen banana. He thought he was eating ice cream! Brilliant!)

Until I spent a few hours with her, I didn’t realize how truly easy it is to be healthy on a budget. Holly does grocery tours as well, and I definitely want to go on one of those. You can learn about all the services she offers — and her awesome blog — here in the story we just wrote about her in Cincy Chic or you can contact her at the contact info below. I also decided to bring her on as our new “healthy living” columnist on Cincy Chic because she’s so full of great info, so look for her columns in the near future! (If you’re not subscribed to Cincy Chic, click here!)

Phone: 740-707-6101
Email:  halarson@gmail.com