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Estate Jewelry Sale

I just found out about an Estate Jewelry Show going on at Krombholz Jewelers. I got an email about it, but because of Bras with Flair on the Square yesterday (which went VERY well by the way!), I’m just now getting to the message!

It’s apparently only going on today and tomorrow at the following times:
Friday, October 1st 10-7
Saturday, October 2nd 10-4

My mom always loved estate sales. You can find such unique pieces with such amazing stories! She collects filigree jewelry, and would often find a lot of it at estate sales like this.

So, I thought I’d let you know about the sale. In the newsletter, it had a coupon, so I just did a screen grab of the coupon and put it in here. I assume you can use it too if you just print it off and bring it in! Happy shopping!

Got Love? Get Free Jewelry

Krombholz Got LoveI wanted to post this yesterday …on my second anniversary to my hubby, Pete Scalia. But we decided to take the day off work, pull out the couch bed, watch movies and order Chinese takeout instead. So, I’ll need you to pretend this is yesterday and I’m talking about love, romance and two wonderful years of marriage! haha! : )

I found out about this “Got Love” campaign at Krombholz Jewelers and wanted to tell you about it. Basically they want to hear why you want to give a piece of jewelry to someone special this holiday season. One participant will be selected to win a custom-designed piece valued at $2,500. Pretty amazing, huh?

We’ve written about Lee Krombholz’s custom designs before in Cincy Chic. Click here to check out the story.

And on a personal note, I just have to say that I adore the Krombholz family. They were host to our “Night in White” event in April to raise funds for a nursing scholarship and they couldn’t have been more generous. They donated jewelry to the silent auction, they donated custom jewelry to the scholarship winners, and gave tirelessly of their time and talents to make that event a success. And it definitely was successful – I think we had 400+ people and raised about $6k!

But I digress…. put your thinking caps on and participate in this contest. It’s a free way to potentially get a custom piece of jewelry made for that special someone. Click here to download the form you fill out and include with your 500 word essay on what you would create, who you would create it for and how you would present it.

And if you don’t win, sometimes it’s the thought that counts. I know from just having our anniversary yesterday, it’s nice to just take a moment and enjoy what – and who – you have in your life that makes it so special.

Night in White Sneak Peek

I was on Fox19 this morning and did a sneak peek of the fashions that will be featured at this Friday’s Night in White event. All fashions are from Obsess Boutique in Montgomery, jewelry is from Krombholz Jewelers. If you’re interested in buying tickets or learning more about the event, visit cincychic.com/nightinwhite. Also, don’t forget to enter to win our Night in White teeth whitening giveaway contest! (It’s the last day to enter to win!) Lots of fun stuff! Hope to see you Friday!


Jewelry Sample Sale (and more CTW blog updates!)

Some of the things I write about here on the blog are things I’m personally keeping an eye out for (i.e., fashion week)… some are interesting things I pluck from the seemingly never-ending flow of events and information filtering through my business/publication Cincy Chic … and now that I started the blog, people are contacting me to let me know about more “newsy” things that are a better “instant gratification” fit for a blog and not a weekly publication like what Cincy Chic is.

So, I’m going to change the format of the blog a bit to accommodate this influx of info! I’m going to do shorter, more frequent (will try daily), less formal blogs. I have a Type-A personality, and I come from a formalized publishing background, so I have the tendency to want to create the perfect beginning, middle and end – and develop the prettiest corresponding graphics. Well, all that will change moving forward, my friends!Krombholz

So, today’s blog is about the Krombholz Jeweler’s annual Sample Sale. When Lee, the owner, told me about it at first I thought, oh cool, they’re discounting some stuff. Neat, but everyone has sales.

But then he said this is the motherload of all their sales. And it’s their clients’ favorite event (it’s their biggest sale of the year, in fact) because they talk all their vendors into selling them the samples of the outgoing season’s lines super cheap. Krombholz then sells them super cheap to their customers during this sale. So it’s like getting a great deal on a year-end model of a car! But pretty jewelry instead : )

Lee said everything else in their cases will be marked down 25-75% off regular price, too. So, if you’re in the market for a special keepsake for someone special or want to have a bling fling for yourself, I recommend checking this sale out.

Oh and we’re working on a really special event (called Night in White) on April 9 with Krombholz and Locals on Living to raise money for a local nursing scholarship. The scholarship was started by a friend of mine who I used to work with and it’s very special to him and his family. So click here to learn more about that! Just thought I’d make mention of it since we’re on the topic of Krombholz! : )