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Lafayette 148 New York Show at Saks Cincinnati

Brock from StyleEdit models one of my fav looks in the new Lafayette 148 collection

One of the first shows I ever covered as a blogger was a Lafayette 148 New York show. Through the years of covering this line, I’ve learned more and more about Edward Wilkerson… the dashing man behind these designs! 🙂 He’s a true talent who draws inspiration from his world wide travels. For example, two years ago, I wrote about his collection inspired by a trip to Rome and the Sistine Chapel.

Traveling and fashion are two of my great loves, so I’ve been particularly intrigued with how Edward translates his world travels into women’s wardrobes. He recently visited Saks Cincinnati for one of the biggest in-house fashion shows I’ve attended there (standing room only!). I squeezed my way into a little corner up front. I’m so glad I did, because this was by far my favorite Lafayette 148 collection I’ve seen thus far!

The line is usually a little “mature” for my taste (in price and in style). But this collection was the perfect blend of sexy, chic, sophistication – for any age. I got to talk with Edward after the show about the inspiration behind this collection (eee! so exciting!).  Since each collection is usually inspired by one of his trips, my first question was asking which location inspired this one. He said he traveled a lot this year, and instead of one city becoming his muse, he was instead inspired by the architecture in all the cities he visited. The textures of various materials and the strength of structures that’ve endured hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

I could definitely see the structure and strength come across in his bold statement blazers, and the mixture of textures with materials like tweed and leather. Click here to see the entire collection, and check out montage video of pics I snapped at the event!


Lafayette 148 New York Designer to Visit Saks Aug. 14

I love Lafayette 148 New York. I’ve seen and blogged about several of the line’s fashion shows in the past… and soon I’ll get the pleasure of meeting the man behind Lafayette’s fab fashions! And you can too!

On August 14th, NYC-based brand Lafayette 148 New York will be hosting a fashion presentation at Saks Fifth Avenue, where designer Edward Wilkerson will be styling attendees in his favorite looks. Here are the details of the event:

Where: Saks Fifth Avenue, 101 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH
When: Tuesday, August 14th
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm

How exciting! See you there!


A Few New Fall Trends

I know… we’re in the thick of a hot and sticky Cincinnati summer… why the heck am I talking about Fall? Well, retail is already gearing up for the new season, and we got a sneak peek of the new Fall trends soon to hit the shelves at Saks downtown. Last week, we featured a few key pieces from Lafayette 148’s new fall collection. This week, we’re back at Saks, but this time, we’re talking more about trends in general. So, watch the video below to get some good tips for colors, fabrics and silhouettes to keep an eye out for in Fall!


Sneak Peek at Lafayette 148’s New Fall Line

Pieces from the Lafayette 148 New York 2011 Fall Collection (click to enlarge)

It’s hard to look at fall and winter clothes when the heat is boiling at 90 degrees like it will be today. But fall clothes are filing into stores, and Cincy Chic got a sneak peek into Lafayette 148‘s newest collection at Saks downtown.

In my last blog about Lafayette’s Designer Edward Wilkerson, I told you that new collections are inspired by his world travels. The last blog was about the “Sistine style” inspired by his trip to Rome. This new collection is inspired by his recent trip to India.

The collection is comprised of separates in warm chocolate brown, cool cream and deep red. You’ll find classic red coats and capes, slacks in sophisticated fabrics and blouses in elegant cuts. And Lafayette is known for its beautiful feminine separates, novelty embellished pieces, exquisite leathers, and luxe knitwear. Fun fact: Lafayette 148’s knitwear is made in-house by their couture knitters!

So, this new fall line is in town (at the downtown Saks) for a trunk show just for a short while this weekend and then they’ll be introducing new pieces from the line into the stores each month. Lafayette is also doing the ATP fashion show again – I covered it last year here – so I’m excited about that! It was a great show last year!

Check out the video below where Ilene Ross, my Cincy Chic Show co-host, interviews a Lafayette 148 New York rep about the new line, and gets a sneak peek at some of the new fab pieces!


Black is the New Black

lafayette 148 Fall 2010 collection - black lace trench coat
lafayette 148 Fall 2010 collection - black lace trench coat

The ATP was quite the fashion-forward event this year.

Wait… before you start thinking they’re the latest fad and go stock up on visors, polos and those funny underwear with “tennis ball pockets” … I should explain.

I told you how excited I was that Saks was bringing Lafayette 148’s Sistine-inspired wares to the ATP Ladies Brunch this year. It was a great idea, because it attracted hundreds of ladies who – even though there were tons of internationally known tennis players playing on the courts – wouldn’t have been there if not for this fabulous fashion show.

So, in my previous blog post about this event, I did a sneak peek with someone from Lafayette who gave me the story behind the collection we would be seeing at the ATP. From the interview, I was told to expect luxurious fabrics and posh designs. The show definitely lived up to all that. I love love loved how elegant and “wowing” each of the evening pieces were, especially.

But I have to be honest. I was also told to expect loud, vibrant colors that Lafayette’s Designer (Edward Wilkerson) said he saw in Italy’s Sistine Chapel. I didn’t really see a lot of color at all. But maybe the pops of color were more in the subtleties … like a bold red bag with a LBD, or a big orange flower at the clasp of a cape.

Many of the garments in this show were black. Beautiful, timeless and classic… black. It’s a trend I picked up on a few posts ago when I said that I was excited to see “black is the new black” in ALK‘s line to be launched with Bras with Flair on Oct. 1.

So, this solidifies it in my mind. Black is back. No more trying to find the “new black.” Embrace it. Love it. And bring your lint roller.

Check out all the beautifully black – with a hint of color – designs from the new Lafayette 148 collection in the below video I shot at the ATP’s Ladies Brunch! And in case you’re wondering who carries Lafayette, I’m not sure who else does in the area, but I know Saks does for sure.

PS: I’m in looooooove with the jacket (first garment in the video, and pictured above). If anyone wants to tell my husband that it would be a nice gift for our wedding anniversary, that would be great. We’re getting ready to celebrate our second year on Sept. 27! And aren’t you supposed to give cotton for the second anniversary? Perfect!


Lafayette Ladies Day at ATP

lafayette 148I just found out about a brunch the ATP is putting on for us ladies. They’re partnering with Saks to do a fashion show at the event. The invite says Lafayette 148, a line carried in select Saks stores, will be the line that’s going to do the clothes in the show. So, I asked my contact at Saks if I could get a sneak peek of some of the items in this new collection before they walk the runway at next week’s event.

I actually had a really interesting conversation with the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lafayette, Debra Clark. She said Lafayette’s Designer Edward Wilkerson recently took a trip to Rome and that’s what inspired this season’s collection. The Sistine Chapel in particular inspired the color palate and design structure for the items. Click here to see a video of Edward going more into detail about his trip and design inspiration.

I can see where he’s coming from with the breath-taking colors, architecture and design at the Sistine Chapel. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and we just stood there for hours craning our necks at the ceiling of that beautiful building.

Seeing the colors in this new collection, it’s like a personified version of the Sistine in the form of fibers and fashion. It’s amazing. I love the bold colors, classic silhouettes and daring finishes. Knowing a lot more now about the Sistine Chapel, that’s what it’s all about and I applaud Edward for capturing it in his collection.

My three favs in the Lafayete 148 knit collection (click to enlarge)

I can’t wait to see the pieces in person next Tuesday at this ATP Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch! When I was talking to Debra, she also mentioned that Lafayette is known for their knits. My brain can’t comprehend “knit” right now with this awful heat out, but the pics she sent were pretty. A couple of them were marmy (which knits can easily be if you’re not careful), but I pulled three of the pieces she sent (in the animated pic to the left) I thought were classic, but cutting edge and on-trend.

Debra said these pieces will be carried at the Cincinnati Saks, so you know where to go if you want to add one of these classic couture pieces to your wardrobe. Speaking of couture, they’re not cheap. But you get what you pay for. Here’s the pricing info on the pieces pictured to the left:

Italian Silk V-Neck with Flower Detail ($298.00)

Stretch Merino Hand-Stitch Chain Cardigan ($298.00)

Cozy Flannel Asymmetrical Cardigan ($268.00)

And here’s more info about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch if you’d like to attend! Click on the image to enlarge, and go to www.cincytennis.com if you want to get tickets to it!

lafayette 148
Information about the Lafayette Ladies Day Brunch (click to enlarge)