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Babylegs at Boutique280

This year, I got to play Santa to my adorable little niece and nephew! I have to say, Christmas is SO much more fun with kids around!!

One of the things I got were “Babylegs” from Boutique280 in Madeira. They can be used as leg warmers or sleeves. And they come in all different designs. Plus, they scrunch, so the kiddos don’t grow out of them very fast.

I got my nephew Ben some Bengals themed Babylegs because he’s going to be a pro linebacker and buy his Aunt Amy lots of fancy shoes! haha! One can wish! 🙂

Winter Sale at The Wardrobe Cincinnati!

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the shopping is! Lucky for you, we’ve got the details on the Winter Sale at The Wardrobe Cincinnati!

The sale starts on December 27 from 10am-6pm where you’ll be able to save up to 30% off winter merchandise!

There’s nothing like an amazing sale to spruce up the fabulous collection you’ve already got in your closet! Now that gift-giving season is over, spoil yourself at the Winter Sale at The Wardrobe Cincinnati and we’ll see you there!

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping me put this blog post together!

Tent Sale Today through Sunday in Madeira

End of the summer sales are popping up everywhere lately. But, don’t miss out on what Madeira is promising to be the biggest Tent Sale of the season. The event starts today, August 11 through the 14th, located on Miami Avenue in Madeira.

The stores participating in this event include: Monkee’s of Madeira, The Wardrobe, The Pink Box, La Silhouette, Silly Bean, Ted’s Toy Store, Little Treasures Jewelry, The Bookshelf, Designs by Dawson, among others!

Go out to Madeira today through the weekend to get huge bargains on everything from clothes, jewelry, books and toys while enjoying what is left of summer.

Sunshine, Shopping and Saving at Monkee’s!

This holiday weekend was definitely full of family, fun, friends and food, which so happens to be four of my favorite things. As if this holiday week wasn’t as good as it gets, there’s a huge sale that started today at Monkee’s of Madeira (click here to learn more about this boutique along with some others on Cincy Chic), which means I can add another one of my favorite things to the list of things I have gotten to do in the past few days: Shopping!

The “Red Hot Sale” is marking the magnificent Monkee’s merchandise (say that 10x fast!) 25-50% off (their spring and summer stuff FYI). I know I just blogged about Monkees, but I couldn’t help but write about them again when I found out about this sale! Happy shopping!

Monkee Around at Monkee’s of Madeira

I just turned 29. So, I did a little shopping to celebrate the first anniversary of this monumental year (because I decided I will not be getting any older from this point forward). : )

Martinez Valero shoes I got at Monkee's of Madeira (click to enlarge)

My first stop was to Monkee’s of Madeira, a local boutique that’s quickly becoming my favorite. They’re located in the heart of.. yup, you guessed it… Madeira, right on Miami Ave. And they have what’s arguably the best selection of anything you might need from a boutique. With a little bit of everything – jewelry, belts, shoes (which is rare for a boutique), dressy, and some casual – it’s the perfect place to pop in if you need something special.

Liz, the owner, is usually there in-store. She’s super sweet and helpful. I just told her what I wanted: a sexy little dress to wear on a date with my hubby later that night. She steered me in the right direction to find a few options, helped me find a pair of shoes to match the LBD I picked out, and I was literally out the door in 20 minutes! I was shocked! Oh, and by the way, the shoes I got there are ah-maz-ing. I embedded a pic – they’re gold and gorgeous and I wish I could sleep in them I love them so much!

So, I just thought I should tell you about how great this boutique is, and encourage you to check it out! We also have a Facebook campaign going on right now on our Cincy Chic fanpage. “Like” Monkee’s of Madeira on Facebook and then post “Cincy Chic” on their wall. One lucky participant will be selected to win a $100 Monkee’s gift certificate!

Enjoy Some Quality Play Time at Northside Tavern for a Great Cause!

To all you ladies out there who are craving a girls’ night out, then clear your calendars for tomorrow, April 20.  Join Monkee’s of Madeira (we just featured them in this week’s feature story for our “Shoe” issue on Cincy Chic!) in supporting a great cause while enjoying drink specials and quizzing your elementary school level facts and trivia.

The Northside Tavern is hosting an “Old School for Children’s Quiz Night” to help out the Cincinnati Junior Council for Children’s hospital. Not only will you get to be part the game itself, but there will also be chances to win give away prizes and raffle items! The happy hour specials will be from 6-8 PM, with the quiz game with start at 7 PM.

This is a perfect opportunity for you and your girlfriends to get out on the town and have some fun. So enjoy some liquid courage to test out your memory from the stuff you learned way back when. Even if you don’t win the game, you’ll at least win on having a fun night full of laughs. The tickets are  $12 at the door, which is a small cost to pay knowing its helping out such a great cause. You can register by clicking here! I hope you all can try and make it out. Don’t forget to bring your “A” game!

Thanks to BreeAnna Smith, my intern, for helping put this blog post together.

LBDs at Cheers to Art!

Everyone knows a little black dress is a wardrobe staple. But could LBDs now be an interior design staple, too? I think so!

My girlfriends and I visited a cute new place in Madeira called Cheers to Art! I found out about them because they’re a Cincy Chic client! It’s a painting studio with a bar… so I thought how PERFECT for one of our weekly Champagne Tuesday outings! We’re all very creative gals, so it was fun to see us show our personalities through our painting!

We got there and they had a few big tables set up with canvases and brushes at each seat. At the front of the room was the inspiration painting that the owners of Cheers to Art! (a super cute married couple) picked out. You can go on the calendar on their site and see what they’ll be painting that night, or you can book the place out for a private party if you have a big crowd. It was me and three of the CT girls, and then there were two other big groups of fun gals.

We painted a little black dress at our night while enjoying a couple bottles of Poema sparkling wine. Jill, one of the owners, helped us learn how to paint the dress, but encouraged us all to take creative license, which we did… especially after a few sips of the bubbly! 🙂

At the end of the night we went around the room to look at everyone’s paintings and it was so fun to see how different everyone’s turned out. Just even within our group, we had Aymie’s who’s was full of fun and flair, Monika put a cute belt on hers, I put some tulle on the bottom of mine (a painting technique I figured out accidentally but ended up teaching another girl across the room) and Lauren painted a gold dress (gold *is* very trendy right now… you go Lauren, such a trend setter)!

The CT girls and I had SUCH a great time! Check out the video below to share in our fun that we had at Cheers to Art!


Trunk Show with Carabella

This Friday a trunk show will be happening in Madeira, right in front of Kennedys and Romualdo’s. There will be everything from casual looks to office attire to cocktail dresses. The designers featured are White and Warren, Billy Blues, Zanella, Michael Starrs, Joes Jeans, Susie Roher belts, the list goes on. Click here for a sneak peak of all of the looks! And the best part is that everything is from $50-$350!

I’m excited to check out Carabella. I’ve never heard of the line before! Apparently, one of the best things about this show is that (unlike most trunk shows where you have to try on and order) you get to take your purchases home that day! Hello instant-fashion-gratification! : )

Canned Food = Discounts at Monkee’s of Madeira!

Monkee’s of Madeira has a unique sale planned for Nov. 26 & 27. I love the concept. Basically, you get 5% off an item for each canned good you bring in, up to 40% off! That’s a really good deal!

I’m thinking I should go get those gold peep toes I’ve been eyeing since July. When I wrote that blog, they were $149. So, if I bring in eight canned goods (will probably cost me about $10), I’ll get those shoes for $89! So, at the end of the day, I’d be saving $50 and helping a good cause. That, my friends, is what we call a “win win.”