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12 Days of Seasonably Chic Showcase: Day 6

We’re less than one week away from the Nov. 6 Seasonably Chic Showcase! The anxiety is killing me, so I’ve been doing a little pre-shopping and I found a few more things I want to share!

Tulips on Erie

Bracelet from Tulips on Erie

Located in the Hyde Park Square shopping district, this boutique can supply all your holiday hostess needs while offering a wide array of gifts for all your girlfriends (oh, and of course yourself, too!). Everything from dishes, to bath and body products, purses, jewelry, stationery and tableware. Tulips on Erie gives an artistic twist to our classic “girly” favorites. Especially for the artisian in your life, Tulips on Erie is a must-have shopping stop on your list this year. Bangle bracelets are a classic favorite, and I found a wide selection distinct to their style. These vintage lace Batiks offer hand painted gold red ribbon, lace bangles, and solids. They come in two sizes for smaller or larger wrists, in many shapes and colors. My favorite was a vintage gold lace bangle (pictured here, and note that I did not want to take it off!), it would be perfect for the most fabulous addition to that holiday cocktail attire.

The Sassy Mama Boutique

handbag from The Sassy Mama Boutique

With the Posh Mom Seal of Approval, The Sassy Mama Boutique has the latest trends for the mothers in our lives, or our favorite “posh peanuts.” They offer a fun, upscale environment to help you buy for all the phases of your life. Shop here to find all you need to feel like a full-fledged Sassy Mama, even if you don’t ever stay out past curfew : ). I have already purchased things from this online boutique before and I loved the products and experience – click here to read the story about it. On their website you can find home decor, necessities for you child’s birthday, along with any and all accessories you need to feel like the chic-est girl in the room. It seems that many women feel they must sacrifice their cute handbags to carry diaper bags when those little ones come along. But, make no more sacrifices ladies! Sassy Mama offers diaper clutches as a chic solution that include changing pads and will house diapers, wipes, and even a few toys. Any mother and fashionista has to have one of these, as they are compatible with any designer purse!

Abbie Kate Spade flats at Monkee's of Madeira

Monkee’s of Madeira

This boutique is bringing the fashion week favorites right to the ladies of the Greater Cincinnati area. Monkee’s of Madeira offers the best of boutique shopping experiences, with a fun and personal experience. As well as today’s hottest high fashion designers such as Cole Haan, Kate Spade, and Shoshanna just to name a few. They carry a variety of shoes, accessories, and clothing. As a frequent celebrator of Fabushoe Friday, my intuitions lead me straight to the shoe selection at Monkee’s (as they have before – click here to see a Fabushoe Friday pair I picked out at Monkee’s a couple months ago). This pair of Abbie Kate Spade flats is definitely a girly-girl’s dream. I mean, a woman can never have too many shoes—and she definitely can’t have too many pearls! Pearls and black patent flats just scream class (you know, if class could/would scream) and remind me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear.

Junior League of Cincinnati

With the holidays right around the corner, giving back to the community is a thought in the forefront of everyone’s minds. The Junior League of Cincinnati develops the potential of women and improves communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The local chapter recently developed a cookbook with beautiful photos of tablescapes pictured at locations around the Tri-State. It’s really a beautiful book, and it goes to a great cause so make sure you stop by their booth and pick one (or five) up!

The Seasonably Chic Showcase will be on November 6th at The Pheonix downtown from 10 am to 3 pm. This event brings 40 of the Tri-State’s best boutiques and vendors–for women, men, children, and pets–all under one roof for one day of spectacular shopping! The best thing about it? It’s free to get in! Just bring a canned good for the Freestore food bank! Click Here to RSVP!

PS: thanks to my intern, Brittany Daulton, for helping me put this blog together.

Marvy Accessory Monday: Scarfing It Up

Marvy Accessory worn as a neclace
Stefano Handmade Silk accessory worn as a necklace (click to enlarge)

With all the Bras with Flair on the Square bra-decorating parties I’ve been going to, I’ve been keeping my eye on my favorite lingerie store (La Silhouette in Madeira) for sales/new arrivals so I can go and stock back up!

I signed up to “like” their Facebook page so I get the heads up on that info. A few days ago, they posted photos of some unlikely new arrivals. Not the bras I was expecting… they posted about new belts, bags and necklaces they just got in.

Marvy Accessory worn as a belt
Stefano Handmade Silk accessory worn as a belt (click to enlarge)

They were like none other I’d ever seen before! There was one common theme for all these accessories: Scarves. I talked to the shop owner, Britt. She and her husband found these Stefano Handmade Silk accessories when on a trip in Positano Italy.

The belts are $65, the handbags are $95, and necklaces are $50.

They come in all different colors and patterns. One side of the buckle on the belt is matching coral and the other side is knotted so you can adjust it to be exactly the size you need it to be. They’re really beautiful items. Thought you’d enjoy having a look-see. So, I did a little video to show you all the different ways to wear them! Enjoy!


West Side Welcomes Fashion Boutique

uniforms for momsI grew up on the West Side so I can say this: The West Side is NOT the best side when it comes to fashion. (however, if you’re looking for a bank or a church on the West Side, you’ve hit the lottery! haha!)

Between Oakley, Hyde Park, Madeira and Montgomery, the East Side is bustling with boutiques galore. The West Side? Not so much. That is, until now.

An adorable fashion boutique opened up on Bridgetown Rd. on the West Side (in the heart of Bridgetown), but under the misleading name of “Uniforms for Moms.” They don’t carry uniforms or maternity clothes, which the name would lead you to believe. The owner luckily has good friends and clients who told her the name of her boutique was a really, really ridiculously bad decision. So, she’s in the process of changing it to “LouLou’s Boutique,” named after her late mother.

uniforms for moms loulous

I didn’t actually go to the Uniforms for Moms/soon-to-be LouLou’s Boutique store. She was at a shopping event I was at last week at the Western Hills Country Club.

She had some incredibly cute clothes and shoes at pretty affordable prices (i.e., I got an LBD for $30ish). It appears that the owner really focused on fashionable comfort. I loved her dresses, especially. Flattering and trendy silhouettes, but made out of really comfortable, wearable fabrics like cotton with lycra for a little give.

I fell in love with a comfortable cotton little black dress (see pic to the left). I also fell in love with a denim dress, but for some reason restrained myself and didn’t get it. I’ve been thinking about how great it looked, and how much I’d wear it, so I’ll probably make a visit to the store soon to snatch that up.

I took a few pics of the racks they had at the event to give you an idea of the kinds of clothes they have there. Definitely no mom jeans or uniforms here!

uniforms for moms loulous
Nancy, Uniforms for Moms Boutique Owner

uniforms for moms loulous
uniforms for moms loulous

Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale

Madeira Summer Sidewalk Sale (click to enlarge)

I drove through Madeira yesterday afternoon to stop in Monkee’s of Madeira, a store I wrote about months ago but just got around to visiting.

Quiet little Madeira was hustling and bustling with life! Balloons out front of every store and lots of shoppers out and about. Not the norm for a random Thursday afternoon.

So, I go into Monkee’s and start chatting with Liz the owner. She said it’s Madeira’s Summer Sidewalk Sale this weekend. Now through Sunday, the sidewalks of Maderia will host this annual sale.

Wow. Talk about a great weekend for a sidewalk sale, seriously! So, get out and enjoy the sunshine with your family or girlfriends. From the looks of it, sales were ranging around 50-70%. So the discounts are not too shabby – will definitely make it worth your while!

Here are the dates and times: Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am- 5:00pm
For more information, visit the Madeira Chamber (www.madeirachamber.com).

And just backtracking a little here… I absolutely ADORED Monkee’s of Madeira. I didn’t realize this, but apparently Monkee’s is a chain. But sort of the best kind of chain, where they are still rare enough (and Liz says her corporate is relaxed enough) to be considered pseudo-independent, but they’re big enough to get purchasing power for big name brands.

I kind of fell in love with some gold peep toes, a belt and an asymmetrical gemstone necklace (pics below), but due to a variety of reasons (namely me dropping my Macbook last week and having to buy an entirely new computer… but I don’t want to talk about that right now because I might cry) I didn’t buy anything.

I will be back though. Mark my Monkee-marveling words. Even if I have to bubble wrap all my expensive electronics for the rest of my life. I will be back. And I will buy things. Lots and lots of pretty things.

But until then…  watch and weep as I post the items I am absolutely lusting after.

Peep toes were $149 on sale (they’re my Fabushoe Friday for today BTW!), I didn’t check to see how much the belt was (I was too enamored with the wooden clasp… but she did say she can’t keep them on the shelves they sell so fast), and the necklace is by a local designer!

Gold peep toe pumps... mmmm yummy
Wooden clasp belt, hand-beaded mustard band
Asymmetrical necklace, designed by a local lady!

Monkee’s of Madeira

MonkeesJust got an email yesterday from my friend Cindy… subject line: Monkee’s of Madeira.

First thought: she misspelled spelled monkeys.

Second thought: why the heck are there monkeys in Madeira?

Opened up the email to find neither were true. Apparently this “Monkee’s of Madeira” is the name of Cincinnati’s newest clothing boutique! It’s located at 6928 Miami Ave.  in Maderia next to Coffee Please.  Near The Wardrobe.

Here’s what Cindy’s email said:

My good friend’s, daughter, Liz Hilberg, is opening a new womens clothing and accessory store in Maderia. You are going to LOVE this store!  She is having a private friends and family party tonight, and I think the grand opening is Friday.

I’m out of town right now, but I’m looking forward to checking it out when I get back! You should too!