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Mama Mimi’s Donates to Ronald McDonald House

The slogan at Mama Mimi’s is “Making Meals Matter.” I love that because it means that I can pick up pizza on a busy night, pop it in the oven when I get home, and it’s ready by the time the table is set. Plus, it was made with fresh dough, sauces and veggies cut just that morning — just the way I’d prepare it at home if I had the time!

Well, Mama Mimi’s Take ‘n Bake Pizza is also making meals matter for those in need. Once a month, they treat the families staying at the local Ronald McDonald House to an awesome meal. 

I just love this because the last thing those families dealing with a sick child want to think about is cooking or spending the money to eat cruddy fast food yet again. So, the team at Mama Mimi’s prepares them a fresh, home-cooked meal, as if they were all sitting around the table at Grandma’s house getting doted on and filled up until they all need elastic waistbands!

So, during this week of Thanksgiving, think about the businesses you support, and how they give back to your community. Make your dollars – and meals – matter in more ways than one! Check out Mama Mimi’s if you haven’t already, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your family, while also feeling good that you’re supporting a business that helps families in need when they need it most.

To learn more about Mama Mimi’s, visit www.mamamimis.com.  Also, click here to get an exclusive discount for Cincy Chic readers (free salad with any pizza when you sign up for their email list). Make sure you “like” them on Facebook and watch my exclusive webcast with Mama Mimi’s below!

Mama Mimi’s Gluten Free Pizza!


Ok, I know I normally talk about fashion, beauty products and fun events here on my blog, but I just had to obsess for a minute about Mama Mimi’s. I wrote a little blurb about them in Cincy Chic in September right after our little Lola was born, talking about how great the “take and bake” concept is…. I love that they have all fresh ingredients and take the time to make it how I’d make it at home… you know, if I didn’t have a newborn to feed, diapers to change, work to stay on top of, yadda yadda.

Well, I should also mention that their gluten free dough is the bomb dot com. I was talking with a couple of my other friends who recently went gluten free, and they mentioned something about how they’re pretty much carb free too because all the GF breads and pizza doughs taste like cardboard and fall to pieces the second you touch them. Yes, that’s true for MOST of the GF stuff I’ve tried, but honestly Mama Mimi’s somehow has a magical recipe because their dough doesn’t do that. It’s the first time since going gluten free two years ago that we’ve been able to actually enjoy a pizza!

My friend ended up just trying the GF option at Mama Mimi’s and told me that she’s now obsessed too, so I figured I should write about it to tell anyone else who might be searching for a good GF pizza like we did. I know there are a lot of mamas transitioning their family to gluten free diets, so this is a great way to do that without them knowing! haha! 🙂

And for those of you dealing with an actual allergy to gluten, you can have this too! Mama Mimi’s works with a Columbus-based third party source who makes the Gluten Free dough in an all-organic kitchen that’s certified to be Gluten Free by the GFCO, to avoid cross contamination. In addition, Mama Mimi’s uses designated gluten-free sauces, utensils and containers.

The Gluten Free dough option is available in the medium size, which is 12 inches in diameter. As for toppings, Mama Mimi’s has more than 40 fresh toppings that can be added to the Gluten Free pizzas. There are only a handful of toppings and ingredients that do have gluten at Mama Mimi’s. Those ingredients are: Bleu Cheese, Sausage, Meatballs, and White Sauce (Creamy Roasted Garlic Alfredo).

In addition to pizzas, Mama Mimi’s also has an AMAAAAAZING salad menu. Mama Mimi’s makes all of their dressings from scratch, too. Just beware of the croutons on the Caesar salad… obviously not gluten free… but the rest of the salads are free of gluten.

Visit www.mamamimis.com for more information and watch the exclusive webcast I did with Mama Mimi’s below to learn more about their Gluten Free options!

Review: Mama Mimi’s

Look at the yummy Mama Mimi’s  pizza (or the cute baby) but not our bedhead… this pic is from our first few weeks of parenthood so we have a good excuse! haha!

Being a working mom (who’s trying to lose a baby belly – ack!), I want fresh and healthy food that’s also quick, easy, and affordable. An impossible combo, right? I thought so too, until I discovered the amazingness that is Mama Mimi’s.

Mama Mimi’s Take ‘n Bake Pizza is the result of a young couple’s dream to help others achieve a balance of work and family. With other young families in mind, Jeff and Jodi Aufdencamp opened for business in 2000 with traditional values and family recipes, all centered around fresh, hand-picked, healthy ingredients. It provided a quick and delicious solution to the often rushed family dinner hour.

From that moment on, Mama Mimi’s has built a loyal following of customers who refuse to compromise a quality meal for a high-paced lifestyle. Using many of the recipes straight from the cookbook of their Grandma Mimi, Mama Mimi’s provides its customers with quality gourmet pizzas, pastas, calzones, lasagnas and salads that’ll fill your home with the aroma of quality home cooking.

I married into an Italian family, where I quickly learned that food and time spent together were top on the priority list, so Mama Mimi’s is perfect for us. I’ve been bringing home pizzas on my way home from work (they even have gluten free for my hubby who has a gluten allergy!) and I love it. I put my custom order in online, pick it up, throw it in the oven when I get home and it’s ready to eat by the time I set the table.

It’s not oily, soggy pizza that you feel guilty about the next day. They make their own dough and sauces, use premium cheeses (not the greasy processed stuff) and cut all their veggies that morning. You know, all the things Pinterest inspires me to do, but I never have time for. Oh, and what I love most about it is that not having to spend all that time in the kitchen to make that healthy meal buys me more time with my family, which now with our new baby, is more precious than ever!

To learn more about Mama Mimi’s, visit www.mamamimis.comClick here to get an exclusive discount for Cincy Chic readers (free salad with any pizza when you sign up for their email list). Also, “like” them on Facebook and watch our exclusive webcast with Mama Mimi’s below.