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Review: Peppe Ramundo & Son

As a good westside native, I should have been into Peppe Ramundo & Son on Glenway Ave. by now, but last week was my first visit. A friend of mine told me I should check them out — said they had a lot of cool gift items for guys and they do alterations/tailoring for men and women. So, I popped by not knowing what to expect (I had previously thought they only did tux rentals). Boy, do they do the tux rentals! I got to see their entire upstairs area where they house all their rental inventory (hint: It’s a LOT of inventory!) but it’s also where they do all their custom work. I sat down with the owner Carmen Ramundo to learn more about how the business got started nearly 50 years ago by his dad, how he grew up with it and eventually took over. Pretty fascinating! I was really impressed, found some great gifts for the hubs, and I’ll definitely be back for some of the custom work! Check out the video to learn more!

Custom Suit Package Sale at 45/46

The menswear shop, 45/46, in Hyde Park Square is having a custom suit package sale now through the end of December. It includes a custom suit, shirt, tie and shoes for $1299. As a woman, that sounds like a not-so-great-deal because I can go to Ann Taylor and get a nice suit, shirt, accessories and shoes for about $500. But, with a hubby who wears a suit every day to work, I know this actually IS a good deal for made-to-measure menswear. So, if Santa still needs to spoil the suit-wearing men on your “Nice List,” think about taking advantage of this sale… or at least just tell them about it if you don’t have a spare $1300 laying around for a random gift! haha!



Win $500 Date Night Package This Thursday!

If you need help shopping for your honey, make sure you clear your cal for this Thursday. We’re having a fun event at Blaines in Montgomery from 6-9pm where you can shop, get pampered with free salon and spa services, watch a fab menswear fashion show (hello, eye candy!), eat, drink and be merry! Oh, and the best part, you can win BIG! We have a $50 gift certificate to La Silhouette Lingerie up for grabs and – get this – a Date Night Package valued at $500! It includes dinner at LaPoste and a gift certificate for a jewelry makeover at Paolo Jewelers ($500 value!). Click here to learn more and RSVP for the event and I hope to see you there!

J.Hilburn for the Holidays

Last week, I wrote this story on Cincy Chic about J.Hilburn and I fell in love with the concept – especially since I’ve been wracking my brain for what to get my hubby for the holidays! So, basically, it’s a direct sales menswear company. What makes them different is that they use the same mills as the big-box-store luxury brands, but because they don’t have brick-and-mortar stores, their prices are more affordable. So, you get great quality at great prices.

It’s an awesome gift idea because you can buy a certificate for a custom-made shirt, trouser, jacket or suit (or even accessories like a custom belt!). A J.Hilburn rep (I’ve been working with Porter Castleberry who is SO nice – I highly recommend him!) meets with the recipient of your certificate to do an expert fitting, and helps them pick out the fabrics and finishes they want! My husband has to wear a suit every day to work, and he’s going to love having clothes custom-made just for him, so this is perfect for him! I just thought I’d share in case you’re trying to find a good gift idea for the fashMANista in your life too! 🙂 Click here to check out the story I wrote about J.Hilburn, the company, their products, and the buying process. Feel free to Porter at 513-240-1163 or porter.castleberry@jhilburnpartner.com.


Fabushoe Friday: Blaine’s Menswear Shoe Collection

We all know I’m slightly addicted to shoes. I do my weekly Fabushoe Friday… my parents met in the Sears shoe department… and my husband has even more shoes that me (we’re a perfect PAIR… get it?! haha!).

I went to the Blaine’s Menswear event, put on by Cincinnati Profile (i.e., men’s version of Cincy Chic/localized GQ mag), a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun and colorful Allen Edmonds shoes they had there for their fashMANista shoppers!

As my friend Bob Schwartz puts it “….now a days men’s shoe stores are beginning to look like Allen Edmonds dropped acid.” haha! SO true!

Check out Bob’s blog covering the event. “Throw in red or white soles, and its getting very interesting…” he says.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So, extend your love for fashion down to your feet with some fun shoes… highly recommend checking out the shoes at Blaine’s.

Allen Edmonds shoes at Blaine's in Old Montgomery (photo credit: Bob Schwartz)

Flow – A New Menswear Boutique in Covington

Reason #1 I love social media: It connects you with people and places you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Case in point, Jerod Theobald at Flow.

Jerod commented on something I said on Twitter a few weeks ago. His twitter name is “gentlemanflow” so I was intrigued. I went to his profile, and the website he had listed. Turns out, he just opened a new menswear boutique in Covington called “Flow – A Shop for Men.”

Being married to a fashMANista, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I had to check out the store in person and meet my new friend Jerod in real life! So, I just checked it out and Oh. My. Gosh. I am in love with this store.

It’s a hybrid store with some new things and some consignment. But the consignment stuff is in amazing, like-new condition and Jerod hand-selects every piece for the store to make sure it’s unique and high-quality.

He just has a great eye for fashion and design, so even if you’re not buying anything, I encourage you to stop in just to see how he decorated it and experience the great vibe it has. Speaking of vibe, music is a huge inspiration for the store (hence the name “flow”)… there’s even a sound booth in the store which doubles as a changing room.

It’s located at 621 Scott Boulevard in Covington, here’s their website – http://www.flowformen.com – and here are their hours:
Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Check it out and happy Valentine’s Day!

Jerod Theobald, owner of Flow, a new menswear boutique in Covington
vintage ties at Flow
A barber seat! Jerod says he wants to eventually have a barber come in to provide services for clients.

80s Tees

Ladies, we all know that men are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. They either want the latest gadget (and you have to speak another language to buy it… LCD 1080p, and progressive scan, and SDTP, oh my!) or it’s ridiculously expensive (the Ferrari Dino is at the top of his wish list… yeah right honey!)

So when I came across online retailer, 80sTees.com, I immediately thought of a million guys who would love these 90s-era T-Shirts.

At only $35 each, these are a great gift for any impossible-to-buy-for-retro-sports-fan on your list!

Interview with J Hilburn’s Founder

I got the unique opportunity to interview Veeral Rathod, the founder of J Hilburn, while he was in town several days ago. J Hilburn is a custom menswear company that’s sold through independent consultants. Everything from the fabrics, stitching, and sizes are customized. And because they don’t have brick and mortar stores, and they cut out the middle man, the prices are a lot more affordable.

It makes sense that Veeral started the company with a frugal fashionisto (I think that’s the male version of a fashionista! haha!) in mind. He and his business partner (“J. Hilburn”) didn’t start in the fashion industry… they started in the financial world.

Working in a sea of suits every day to work and analyzing direct sales businesses on a day-to-day basis lead them to founding the company. They learned what was and wasn’t working with these companies, from both a business strategy and consumer trends standpoint, and eventually used that knowledge to launch J Hilburn.

It was very interesting to learn – directly from the founder – how they grew the company from the ground up, and are continuing to do so. Hence, why he was in town – to meet face-to-face with his Tri-State style advisors. Also interesting to learn was that the majority of their “style advisor” independent consultants are women. So, if you like fashion and could use a little extra cash, this might be a fun opportunity! Click here to learn more about that and check out the video interview below I did with Veeral!