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New Year New You Jan. 23

Our third annual “New Year, New You” event is coming up on Jan. 23! This event has been very popular among our readers for the past two years. So, this year, we’re turning it into a fundraiser for Transitions Global! It’s an organization that helps young women who have been victimized by sex trafficking transition into a normal life again. Better yet – we’re partnering with Lee Jeans who will be doing the fashion show. The denim will be paired with tops and accessories from boutiques across the Tri-State and styled by the experts at FashionCincy.com. Plus, 10 lucky guests will be selected to win a pair of jeans from Lee!

Pampering, fashion and philanthropy is just the perfect way to start the New Year, so we’re looking forward to a super successful event this year! More details are below – click here to learn more and RSVP! Hope you can attend! 

New Year New You RSVP

Enjoy: shopping and complimentary refreshments from Crave. Plus, 10 attendees will be randomly selected to win a pair of Lee Jeans! 100% of $10 entrance fee benefits Transitions Global, and includes free swag bag and your choice of two complimentary mini-services: 15 minute seated chair massage; Fingernail polish change; Hairstyle How-to; Makeup How-to; Face Shape Trim-up

Fashion Show Sponsors: Lee JeansMitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, styled by FashionCincy.com

Supporting Sponsors: Nova HealthPNC BankSt. Elizabeth Healthcare, and Cors & Bassett, Attorneys at Law LLC

Vendor Booth Sponsors: Cincinnati Fit Body BootcampTobey 1 OriginalsMiche Bags with Mindy RichardsLiving the Fit and Healthy LifeStella & Dot with Courtney Shannon and Kim Powers, Morgan Perry with Tracy Lynn Jewelry Consultant, Battle for BeautyVein Clinics of AmericaHyde Park Body Boutique + more!

Hosted by: Cincy Chic, the only online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati

New Year New You RSVP

Red, Pink and Blue Recap

Me emceeing the show!

Wow. That’s the one word that comes to mind when I think back on Saturday’s Red, Pink and Blue event. The crowd was huge, the energy was electric and fun, the weather was perfect, and the fashion was ab-so-lute-ly fabulous.

We began the event with drinks, food, fun and shopping with all our great vendors and sponsors. Then, we started the fashion show with three survivors – one a heart (red), breast (pink), and diabetes (blue) disease survivor – then the Amy Kirchen fashion show kicked off. It was the unveiling of her brand new Fall/Winter 2012 collection and every piece was breathtaking. High-fashion, but wearable. Also, I thought the hair and makeup (by Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa) of this show was out of this world incredible. It was big, bold and beautiful with a splash of glitz and glamour.

Check out the two videos I’ve embedded into this post to see a recap of the show, crowd, and even a sneak peek behind the scenes! Enjoy!



Six Secrets for a Good Hair Day

A “Good Hair Day.”

We’ve all experienced one, but they’re few and far between – and we rarely know how or why they happen. Is it the products you use, how you style your hair or the environment your’re in… who knows?

Well, I’ve been trying to break the code for months and testing tons of products and scouring the web for styling tips. Plus, we’ve had a variety of  temperatures, winds and moisture levels in Cincinnati this Spring, so it’s given me all the tress-testing variables I need!

So, today, I’ve reached a hypothesis for this perfect-hair-search science project. I found six products that – when combined with some good styling tips – produce consistent good hair days regardless of the weather (will come in helpful as the rainy April goes in like a lion!)

Granted, this is for my hair type and not everyone’s. But I have pretty versatile hair (has some natural wave, I can scrunch it to be curly, but usually wear it straight) so I’m hoping many of you can relate and benefit from some of these recommendations! Here goes…. drum roll please!!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum ($30, Sally’s Beauty Supply)
Put a quarter-size amount in the palm of your hand, spread it across both palms, flip your hair over and apply to the ends of your damp hair and work up to the scalp. This smooths the hair, reduces dry time, protects the hair and controls frizz.

John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam ($6, Kroger or Target)
Give the bottle a good shake (I mean reeeeally good shake… otherwise it’ll come out as liquid, not foam), fill a palm with the foam, spread between both palms, and apply at the crown. This protects the hair from heat and gives a nice flexible lift that lasts all day. This is especially good if your hair tends to be thin or go flat often.

Oribe Gel Serum ($64, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa)
Put a dime-size amount in your palm, spread between palms, flip your hair and add this to your ends. This will give your strands definition for some subtle “pieciness.” This gold-flecked gel has active moisturizing agents so it keeps your hair looking healthy and bouncy with sheen rather than stiffness or waxiness.

When wearing it curly, I still use all the above products, but I use a blow dryer with diffuser attached on low heat. Then, scrunch and diffuse until dry.

When wearing it straight, I start with my hair flipped over to blow dry all the hidden hair underneath first (which, if remains wet, will curl and look undone). Then, I flip it over, use a round brush at the crown to give that area lift and activate that root lift foam, and then a flat brush to get everything else. After everything is dry, I like to use the “cool air” setting on my blow dryer for about 30 seconds (the blogs I read said this helps to close the hair’s cuticle and set the shape). Then, I straight iron the ends. First, using the iron vertically (parallel to my head) and then horizontal (perpendicular to my head) for the best straightening and smoothing.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($43, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa)
Experts call this product “backcombing in a can.” So, it gives you that texture and lift you need without teasing… or, dare I even say it… a Bumpit. haha! This is especially great for the days I wear my hair in a bumped pony or half up.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray ($42, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa)
Spray on this protective, vitamin-rich finishing spray to keep the frizz at bay, especially on rainy or humid days. Great for blow-outs and curls alike.

Pantene Anti-Humidity Medium Thick Hairspray ($5, Kroger)
As with many of the products mentioned above, this one is also anti-humidity to help fight the frizz (which is pretty much a problem for anyone with hair during Cincinnati summers). What I like about this product is that you can choose which one is best for your hair type (fine, thick, medium-thick, etc) and it holds really well without being stiff or crunchy.

Even though I said I’d only be talking about six products, I should also mention one more product that I like to use on “day 2” hair. It’s Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo ($11, Sephora) and it’s great for you ladies out there, like me, who skip a wash a few times a week (which is very good for your hair, ladies!). I prefer the non-aerosol because it lasts longer, but both kinds work well. The dry shampoo comes in a variety of colors too (red, brown, black) to better match your hair. Basically, this product just absorbs excess oil and makes your hair look more refreshed! Highly recommended!

Hope this helps and you have many good hair days in your future! Happy Friday!!

Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa Bridal Social!

Wedding season is just around the corner! And Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa is hosting a bridal social at their Kenwood location on Tuesday, February 7th.

At the social, stylists will be hosting an open discussion on the latest updo’s and makeup trends. Their highly specialized stylists and estheticians will demonstrate different bridal styles and answer any questions you may have! How great to know that you can get the best advice around to look perfect on your special day!

Seating is limited to make sure you RSVP to Shannon Wenstrup ASAP. The first 20 RSVP’s will be accommodated with one guest.

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

“Go Red” to Win!

I’m so excited! This is going to be a HUGE week!

Not only is our fourth annual sold-out Lady in Red event on Friday, but Cincy Chic will also be on Fox19 on Wednesday morning at 9:30am to do a sneak peek… AND I’m going to do a blogger event with Nancy at FACEing on Tuesday to learn how to find the perfect red color for my pucker! Click here to see some of her tips, and click here to see Nancy’s red lip style inspirations on Pinterest, but check back on Tuesday night for a recap of what I learned!

The bloggers and I are also doing an awesome promotion so that you can show off your best red lip look, snag swag bag tickets to Friday’s sold-out Lady in Red event and a bunch of other goodies. See below for promo specifics! Good luck and Go Red!

“Go Red” on Facebook by posting a pic of yourself wearing your best red lip to the http://facebook.com/cincychic wall. You’ll be entered to win TWICE if you make that photo your profile pic! One participant will be selected to win two swagbag tickets (which are sold-out, so this is the only way people can still get these tks!) Feb. 3 Lady in Red event –http://bit.ly/LIR2012 – a $50 gift certificate to Stone Creek, and a personalized FACEing makeup class gift certificate. (Photo must be posted by 5pm EST Feb. 2 to the facebook.com/cincychic wall, and profile photo must remain participant’s featured profile picture until 5pm EST Feb. 2).

My red lip look from Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa

Product Review: Buff ‘n’ Tan

Tip #1 you should’ve gotten a level 2 instead of 3 spray tan: you wake up a new ethnicity.

Um, yeah, that’s definitely happened… and of course it was right before a big important event that I’d rather not look like Snooki at… But the last time I got a level 2 Mystic Spray tan, it wasn’t dark enough. The last time I got a spray tan at a salon, the woman had me get completely nude to do it (super awkward and I’d never do that again). My only other options were tanning creams, which leave me streaky, and tanning beds, which scare me! But I just learned about a new option: the “Buff ‘n’ Tan” treatment at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. So, I just had to try it out.

First of all, let me just say this was the BEST artificial tanning experience of my life. Not only was it relaxing to have done, but it didn’t have that awful smell (it smelled a little like self-tanner but not half as bad as the Mystic), and it lasted the longest of anything else I’ve ever tried.

They start you off with a therapeutic scrub (kind of like a 10-minute body massage but with a scrub). Then, they wipe you down with a glycolic wipe to remove all the dead skin cells. This not only is relaxing and opening up your pores, but it’s also getting to the freshest layer of skin so your tan is even and lasts longer.

Then they put on the tanner. An actual trained professional is putting this on you, so they’ll be able to determine the right level for you and use their expert eye to avoid any streaks. Mind you, you have a towel on your top and bottom, which keeps you covered just enough to keep even the most modest person (like me!) comfortable, but not show tan lines.

I didn’t have a single streak on my entire body and the tan lasted about 10 days before it started to fade away. The service at Mitchell’s costs $55-70 depending on the level of technician. Some things my gal told me to make it last longer is to: not wear tight fitting clothes right after you have it done – wear dark loose fitting clothes. Also, ideally wait 24 hours to shower after the treatment. In addition, don’t use a loofa or scrub (lightly use your hands and soap in the shower and don’t scrub), and don’t soak in a tub.

I definitely recommend the Buff ‘n’ Tan. Especially if you want to bring in the new year with a new glow. It’ll be the perfect thing to make you shine as the ball drops at your NYE party. Speaking of… Happy New Year! See you again “next year”! 🙂

Me after my buff 'n' tan! So chic and sunkissed!

Service Review: Massages at Mitchells Salon & Day Spa

So, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting lately. In the course of one month, my hubby & I moved into a new house, I moved our Cincy Chic office (we have a TV studio now! WOOHOO improved video quality!!) and we had Bras with Flair last Thursday, which involved erecting a 40-ft display onto Fountain Square covered in bedazzled bras.

Needless to say, it took a toll on my body. I had aches and pains in parts of my body I didn’t even know I had. So, after each big heavy lifting event, I scheduled a different kind of massage with my friends at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa to nurse my poor body back to health.

Before getting these different kinds of massages, I would have said a massage is a massage is a massage. But I now know that’s not true. Each massage was so different, and helped me in different ways, so I thought I’d write a review on them so you know which one is best for what you need.

The first massage I got was a hot stone massage. I’m glad I started with this one because this was right after the first big move. So, I had just used muscles I hadn’t used in a very long time. They were stretched, pulled and all knotted up. The heat from the stones helped my muscles relax, which allowed my massage therapist to manipulate my deep tissues more effectively. My therapist said overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure. So, the heated stones provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles. Also, my therapist said the stones are placed on key points of your body to help increase circulation to quicken the healing process. Translation: get this if you have a pull or strain you need to recover quickly from.

The second massage I got was a bamboo massage. This was the one I was afraid of. I had heard of them before, but hadn’t ever ventured out of my comfort zone to get one. But I booked it with my FAVORITE massage therapist EVER (Elana J at the Kenwood Mitchell’s Salon & Spa location). She had helped me last year when I had a bad case of lock jaw. I was apparently grinding my teeth in my sleep, and she helped to loosen my jaw muscles so I could function again (if you know how talkative I am, you know that me having lock jaw was a nightmare!).

So, like I said, I felt comfortable with Elana J, and knew she would take care of me. I had some serious knots after the office move and hadn’t been drinking much water. So, my muscles were what she called “crunchy.” I know that sounds gross, but that’s apparently what happens when we don’t eat/drink properly AND we put stress on our muscles.

Having the bamboo rods gave Elana J leverage to work through the crunchy knots (again, gross, I know). The bamboo helped to flush out the muscles, too. Elana J said the bamboo is used to put pressure on trigger points that cleanse and flush out your lymphatic system. That promotes fresh blood flow, which is full of nutrients and oxygen, to help repair and rejuvenate your muscles. This one, I have to say was my favorite. I felt like the bamboo worked through those big knots, and felt the effects of the “flushing” immediately.

My third and final massage was an aromatherapy massage. This one was more mental for me because it not only calmed my flaring muscles, but it also calmed my mind after the stressful month. The therapist let me choose my aroma. It was between spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and another one that was more of a light earthy scent. I picked lavender because I have a soft spot for it (I grow it in my garden each year and have a pouch of it under my pillow to help me sleep).

She mixed lavender oil in the unscented massage oil she used for my massage. It was heavenly. This therapist didn’t do as much deep tissue work as the other two had. She did a lot of calming, gentle motions. Oh, and she also massaged my scalp for an eternity… I think I drooled a little bit it felt so good. : )

I have to tell you, I’ve never felt more mentally relaxed than I did after this massage. Even though I had just experienced one of the most insane months of my entire life, I just had this sense of calm and peace as I sat “coming to” in the relaxation room after my massage. Granted, the craziness of life eventually set back in later that day, but to have that moment of clarity and peacefulness was SO nice.

I did get a chance to talk with the therapist about how exactly aromatherapy works. She said that the nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system, which controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones. Apparently, when you inhale essential oil molecules, messages are transmitted to the limbic system and affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system.

So, there you go. Three very different massages. All beneficial for very different reasons. And speaking of benefits of massages, I just noticed that the “Find out Friday” on Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Facebook page today is about the benefits of massage. So, below is the video from that! Enjoy!


The New Hair Craze, Feather Extensions!

Feather extensions are the newest thing in the hair world. It’s a fun, inexpensive, and low-maintenance accessory for your hair. So, I dug to see  who offers them in town, and found out that Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa does offer them at all their locations.

They carry a variety of colors, and they all cost $15 per feather (installation is free). I sent my intern in as a guinea pig to try one out. She got a purple feather to go with her brown hair. She  played around with all the different places to put it. But once she decided, adding the feather extension to her hair only took about 30 seconds.

I was amazed that you can treat these feathers like any hair extension. You can flat iron, curl, blow dry, round brush … virtually anything you do with your real hair you can do to your feather extension. However, the stylist did warn to put your flat iron and curling iron on a lower heat for safe measures. She said the extensions will last forever or until you have them professionally removed.

The stylist said she sees women of all ages with all lengths and colors of hair coming to get these feather extensions. They are an exciting way to accessorize any look and this trend is here to stay for Fall. Give Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa a call if you want to flock to some of these feather extensions! (513) 793-0900