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Service Review: Massages at Mitchells Salon & Day Spa

So, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting lately. In the course of one month, my hubby & I moved into a new house, I moved our Cincy Chic office (we have a TV studio now! WOOHOO improved video quality!!) and we had Bras with Flair last Thursday, which involved erecting a 40-ft display onto Fountain Square covered in bedazzled bras.

Needless to say, it took a toll on my body. I had aches and pains in parts of my body I didn’t even know I had. So, after each big heavy lifting event, I scheduled a different kind of massage with my friends at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa to nurse my poor body back to health.

Before getting these different kinds of massages, I would have said a massage is a massage is a massage. But I now know that’s not true. Each massage was so different, and helped me in different ways, so I thought I’d write a review on them so you know which one is best for what you need.

The first massage I got was a hot stone massage. I’m glad I started with this one because this was right after the first big move. So, I had just used muscles I hadn’t used in a very long time. They were stretched, pulled and all knotted up. The heat from the stones helped my muscles relax, which allowed my massage therapist to manipulate my deep tissues more effectively. My therapist said overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure. So, the heated stones provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles. Also, my therapist said the stones are placed on key points of your body to help increase circulation to quicken the healing process. Translation: get this if you have a pull or strain you need to recover quickly from.

The second massage I got was a bamboo massage. This was the one I was afraid of. I had heard of them before, but hadn’t ever ventured out of my comfort zone to get one. But I booked it with my FAVORITE massage therapist EVER (Elana J at the Kenwood Mitchell’s Salon & Spa location). She had helped me last year when I had a bad case of lock jaw. I was apparently grinding my teeth in my sleep, and she helped to loosen my jaw muscles so I could function again (if you know how talkative I am, you know that me having lock jaw was a nightmare!).

So, like I said, I felt comfortable with Elana J, and knew she would take care of me. I had some serious knots after the office move and hadn’t been drinking much water. So, my muscles were what she called “crunchy.” I know that sounds gross, but that’s apparently what happens when we don’t eat/drink properly AND we put stress on our muscles.

Having the bamboo rods gave Elana J leverage to work through the crunchy knots (again, gross, I know). The bamboo helped to flush out the muscles, too. Elana J said the bamboo is used to put pressure on trigger points that cleanse and flush out your lymphatic system. That promotes fresh blood flow, which is full of nutrients and oxygen, to help repair and rejuvenate your muscles. This one, I have to say was my favorite. I felt like the bamboo worked through those big knots, and felt the effects of the “flushing” immediately.

My third and final massage was an aromatherapy massage. This one was more mental for me because it not only calmed my flaring muscles, but it also calmed my mind after the stressful month. The therapist let me choose my aroma. It was between spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and another one that was more of a light earthy scent. I picked lavender because I have a soft spot for it (I grow it in my garden each year and have a pouch of it under my pillow to help me sleep).

She mixed lavender oil in the unscented massage oil she used for my massage. It was heavenly. This therapist didn’t do as much deep tissue work as the other two had. She did a lot of calming, gentle motions. Oh, and she also massaged my scalp for an eternity… I think I drooled a little bit it felt so good. : )

I have to tell you, I’ve never felt more mentally relaxed than I did after this massage. Even though I had just experienced one of the most insane months of my entire life, I just had this sense of calm and peace as I sat “coming to” in the relaxation room after my massage. Granted, the craziness of life eventually set back in later that day, but to have that moment of clarity and peacefulness was SO nice.

I did get a chance to talk with the therapist about how exactly aromatherapy works. She said that the nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system, which controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones. Apparently, when you inhale essential oil molecules, messages are transmitted to the limbic system and affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system.

So, there you go. Three very different massages. All beneficial for very different reasons. And speaking of benefits of massages, I just noticed that the “Find out Friday” on Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Facebook page today is about the benefits of massage. So, below is the video from that! Enjoy!


Wearable Art Fashion Show Featured Artist of the Day: Mitchell’s Salon

The Wearable Art Fashion Show is tonight! I’m so excited! The event will take place at Lunar Lounge starting at 7pm will all the proceeds benefiting Kenzie’s CLOSET. Online ticket sales have ended, but walk-ins are welcome! It’s $10 at the door (100% donated to Kenzie’s) or bring a dress (cocktail dress, bridesmaid dress, etc) to donate as your ticket in. For the past week, we have featured all the wearable art artists and vendors and today’s is: Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa.

They are the official Salon and Spa for Cincy Chic, so they do all the hair/makeup for all our fashion shows. Tonight’s fabulous fashion show included! Amy Kirchen, the clothing designer who will be featured tonight, really targets the posh professional, which is 100% me, so I’m excited to see all the looks they give the girls! (They will also have some great coupons in all the swag bags!)

You’ll have to come to the show tonight to see Mitchell’s amazing hair/makeup work on the models, but I will share with you something I think is really cool that they do: “Find out Fridays” on their facebook page. Each Friday, they share helpful tips via a short, informational video. Embedded in this blog is today’s Find out Friday! It’s about  2nd Day Styling Tips for Short Hair – Wash hair night before, get up and use Mindy’s 5 Minute Regimen to be styled perfectly for the day.

I really like the videos, so I think I’ll make a habit of reposting them here on my blog! Enjoy!


Posh Pedis at Mitchells Salon & Spa

My girlfriend, Lauren, and I were chatting at a recent Champagne Tuesday about how gross our feet got over the winter and spring. We’re both runners, so our feet take a beating and they get a little gnarly… especially during the closed-toe shoe months.

My shellac pedi before and after (click to enlarge)

So, we decided to get a pedicure together. I really needed one because I’d soon be going on a beach vacation (which I’m on right now! yippee!). I gave Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa a call to book two pedicures. I was just going to book two regular ones until I found out they had all kinds of fancy ones!

They have their signature whirlpool (the regular pedi), and then fancy ones: shellac, paraffin, hot stone and sports. I decided to get the shellac since I figured it would hold up best through all the sun and sand on my beach vaca. And Lauren got the paraffin to help rehydrate her dry dogs.

Lauren's parrafin pedi before and after (click to enlarge)

For the paraffin, they pour the warm (it’s not hot!) wax over your feet and then they put bags over your feet to keep the moisture and warmth in. Then, once it cools, they take the bags off and peel the wax away. Lauren couldn’t believe how soft it made her once-callused feet feel!

And, like I said, I got the shellac. Now, I blogged about getting shellac on my hands here, but I hadn’t gotten it on my feet before. For shellac, they put the polish on one layer on at a time, and bake it on with a UV light. They do all the scrubs and moisturizing after the polish is on, so the oils don’t interact with the shellac curing process. And what I love best about the shellac is that you can put your shoes right back on after your pedi and don’t have to worry about messing up your polish!

It’s now been several days after the pedicure. I’ve gone on three barefoot walks in the sand and the polish still looks glossy and brand new! I knew I’d be putting this blog together so I called Lauren yesterday to see how her pedi is holding up. She said her little piggies are still looking pretty and her skin is still soft and smooth.

Thanks to the ladies at Mitchell’s who gave us such fab feet fanciness! We’ll definitely be back! Oooh, and one of the girls there told us about their “Beautiful Opportunity” mailing list… apparently they email you about last minute deals (up to 40% off!). Click here if you want to register for it. And if you’ve never been in before, I found this coupon on their website where you can get $10 off a $35 purchase.

Click on the webcast below to learn more about our posh pedis!


Red, Pink and Blue June 24

Fashionistas, clear your calendar, find something fab to wear and get ready for a spectacular fashion show on the Purple People Bridge – all to benefit three local women’s health organizations! More info about the event is below (make sure you check out the tear-jerking video featuring three survivors)! Also, make sure you click here to enter yourself to win our Red, Pink and Blue prize pack valued at more than $2,500!

Red Pink and Blue
A party and fashion show on the Purple People Bridge to benefit heart, breast and diabetes health.

Friday, June 24, 7-10pm
$10 per person, ticket includes access into event, and a front row seat along the runway, first 400 RSVPs get a swag bag filled with goodies!

Sponsors Include: vitaminwater zero, Lexus RiverCenter, Performance Lexus, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Serket Jewelry, Widmer’s Dry Cleaners, The Garage, Pure Romance by Leslie, FENNOfashion, Keep It Tight Fitness, Miche Group, Three French Hens, Beauty Society, StormBennett.com, and Elements Event Centre.

Official afterparty at Bar Louie

RSVP to www.redpinkblue.eventbrite.com

Hosted by: Cincy Chic, an online lifestyle publication for women in Greater Cincinnati
Media Sponsor: Locals on Living, an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, and Yelp!

To benefit the American Heart Association, Pink Ribbon Girls and American Diabetes Association