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Review: WashClub CincyDay

As a mom of a toddler and newborn (with a husband who loves working on his car and in the yard), I feel like I’m LIVING in my laundry room… constantly washing, drying, folding, sorting, putting away, repeat. I was joking with one of my mom friends a couple weeks ago about how I wish there was a laundry fairy that would visit my house and take care of it all so I could finally have my life back… and she said such a thing actually exists (WHAT?!?)

Come to find out, it’s true (well, except they don’t have fairy wings! haha!). There’s a service called Wash Club, and it’s a full service wash, dry, fold, dry cleaning and tailoring service via an easy and super convenient pick-up and delivery service which they do for individuals, schools, clubs and businesses! It’s an on-demand service based on two daily pick-up and delivery windows serving all of Cincinnati, Dayton and NKY. Typically it’s a one day turnaround, but you can get same-day turnaround if you need it!

I personally love how they’ve leveraged technology to make it all so easy. You get started by going to their awesome app or website (or you can give them an old fashioned phone call too) to place your order. You have your choice of detergents, fabric softeners, and deep fabric cleaners. Their technology provides instant communication on the status of your order, notifications on where it is in the process, and you can track the driver so you know exactly how far away they are.

It’s more than just laundry and dry cleaning though. They have tailoring, suede and leather cleaning and garment preservation for special items like wedding dresses and military uniforms.

My favorite part has to be that they not only pick up, deliver, clean and fold, but they also SEPARATE everything out by family member so I don’t have to sort it once it arrives! SO amazing! HIGHLY recommended. To learn more about it, click here!

Miss Em’s Baby Items You’ll Go Ga-Ga For!

I went to Miss Em’s Holiday Open House last weekend, and saw SO many cute things! With me being 9 months preggo, I especially loved that she added baby items to her site this year! I got a few things, like a really cute little handprint and footprint set that I can create with our new little one and hang in her new room once she arrives! Yay! Baby’s first craft project is already planned! haha!

I also bought a really cute “Tickle Monster” book (comes with a furry “monster” glove with holes for fingers to do some good tickling!) for my older daughter, which she’s going to just LOVE.

I saw a bunch of other cute things I now wish I had just bought, because I now either want them for one of my girls or I’ve thought of who they’d make the perfect gift for! So, I’m about to go check out her new  “Baby” page on her site to order more!

To check out the pics below I snapped at her last event to see some of my favorite items I found!  If you’re looking for holiday gifts, need a gift for a baby shower coming up, or just want some fun new items for your little one, make sure you check out her website for more items, or stop by the Lawrenceburg Holiday Market November 20th – 22nd to get some wonderful gifts!img_7622img_7623img_7624img_7625img_7626img_7627

BabysitEase for the Holiday Season!

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all the running in between right around the corner, I wanted to suggest a little “holiday hack” for all you parents out there! It’s not easy juggling every day responsibilities as a parent, and then you add all the holiday shopping, work parties, family get-togethers, prepping, end of year doctor appointments, etc., and life gets a little overwhelming. But a little planning and asking for help goes a LONG way, so I suggest calling BabysitEase because they not only help with babysitting, but they can also do things around the house, run errands, help with your kids’ homework, etc… all the little things that will add up to help you keep your cheer this year during what can be during a crazy season.  Happy Holidays! (And yes, it’s officially Nov. so I can say that! haha!) I included a video below about BabysitEase that features the owner (my friend Peggy!) and one of her happy clients so you can learn more about them. You can also visit their website at babysitease.com!

Win VIP Tickets to TRAIN with Hello Parent!


Calling all parents! Hello Parent (a cool new site launched by two momtrepreneurs here in Cincy that helps parents find each other and plan events/play dates) just announced an awesome giveaway that I wanted to let you know about. You just have to “like” them on Facebook, and post on their wall with 140 characters or less explaining why you deserve to win a night out! Partnering with Mommy’s Dream Team, Hello Parent is giving away 4 VIP Tickets to Train with The Fray and Matt Nathanson on July 2nd at Riverbend Music Center along with a Nanny for the Night from Mommy’s Dream Team (includes access to the Members ONLY RSViP Restaurant & Club open before, during, & after concert​ and ​VIP Parking​)! Pretty awesome, right? Hope to see you at Train (because of course I entered and am hoping to win too! haha!)