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Custom Cards from Pink Purse Creative

For the past eight years, I’ve made my own Christmas cards. I love to do them, but unfortunately each year, I have less time to spend on them, and they are sent increasingly later. Last year, I think I just called them Happy New Year cards because I missed the post office’s pre-Christmas arrival deadline.

This year, things have been so hectic, it was looking like they might be Happy Martin Luther King Weekend cards. But then, my girlfriend LauraLee told me that she makes custom cards. She even hand-addresses them and sends for you! A-HA! I’ll trick everyone into thinking I had the time and organization to make handmade cards and send them on time! Brilliant!

LauraLee said she’s done a ton of custom orders for for families, organizations and businesses. I was so intrigued because I hadn’t even began thinking what I would be sending to my personal or professional lists, and Christmas is 17 days away! EEEK!!!!

So, here’s how the process works:

  • She has a consultation (phone or in person) to discuss ideas
  • She creates 3 options which the client chooses from
  • Off she goes!

She takes orders from 50 to 200 with a turn around between 3 days to 2 weeks depending on quantity and design. Cost is also dependent on how detailed the design is and ranges anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per card.

And like I said, she also signs the cards for the client, addresses the envelopes AND mails them! There is an additional charge for this service that starts at $0.50 to $2.00 per card… all dependent on whether it’s printed or hand-written.

LauraLee’s business name is Pink Purse Creative. When I told her that I’d be writing this blog, she said she wants to offer a 10% discount. So, if you want to use her, click here to email her, let her know you read this blog and she’ll give you the discount!

It’s getting pretty close to the holidays, so if you’re going to place your order, you should get it in asap. But if you’re more organized than me and have your holiday cards out the door already, she also does custom party invitations, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitvahs, etc. too!

Click on the play button below to check out a video of LauraLee and me chatting about some different tips, tricks and ideas for holiday cards.


Below are some examples of her cards! Aren’t they gorgeous!? The girl has some serious talent!

Pink Purse Creative - holiday card for local Pediatric business
Inside business holiday card
Pink Purse Creative - family holiday card

Pink Purse Creative - family holiday card