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Prego Poshness

Today has been maternity news mania!

I just learned that the new Hot Mama store in Kenwood Towne Store (which I told you about in January) will be opening in May. It will be located in the mall near Nordstrom apparently.

Then, my friend Brandi who runs SassyMamaBoutique.com, posted on my facebook wall to tell me about a new online show called “Strut – The Fashionable MomShow.” Brandi wrote all about it here, you can visit the Strut site here, and I embedded the trailer for the show below.


As if that wasn’t enough baby bump breaking news… I got an email from one of my clients, Boutique 280. Amanda, the owner, told me that they not only have a huge sale going on right now (up to 50% off!), and a fun event coming up for moms on Feb. 24, but they also just made a big announcement today about offering Maternity Concierge Services. So, I just had to share all this great news with my mommy maven readers! Enjoy!

Sassy Mama Boutique

My friend's baby, Audrey, wearing the flower headband I got her on SassyMamaBoutique.com
My friend's baby, Audrey, wearing the flower headband I got her on SassyMamaBoutique.com

It seems like all my friends are having babies these days. Reminds me of that funny “babies EVERYWHERE” commercial. But seriously. Something is in the water.

I’ve never been one for gift registries either. There’s just something that takes the fun out the gift giving experience to go to a store, pick something random off a list and give it to them. “oh… thank you so much for the Diaper Genie II Elite Diaper Disposal System… how thoughtful!”

So, I’m a rebel and I don’t shop from their registries. Call me old fashioned, but I like to dig for the perfect gift – with a memory, inside joke, etc attached – that will remind them of me every time they see it or use it.

That’s where Sassy Mama Boutique comes in. This fabulous online store was developed by a Northern Kentucky-based gal named Brandi. She wrote in to Cincy Chic a while ago to tell us about herself. Brandi and I met for coffee and she brought me some examples of items she sells on her site. She has cute clothes for little boys and girls, home decor, and great girlfriend gifts (i.e., skincare, personalized lip gloss, martini-themed conversation starters, etc)

You don’t have to be a mom to shop on the site, either. Actually, it’s perfect for a non-mom like me… I get a little overwhelmed in places like Babies-R-Us.

On Sassy Mama’s site, you can buy something for the baby….. buy something for yourself … buy something for the baby … buy something for your home … buy something for the baby… buy something for your girlfriend… See, small doses. It helps.

Plus, the baby stuff on there is super cute. I really liked the name plate onesie. You can customize it with the baby’s name and birth date!

I ended up getting a “Mommy needs a glass of wine” onesie, a bow headband and a flower headband. My nickname in college was “Chief Purple Teeth” (that’s right, when everyone else was drinking Natty Light, I kept it classy with red wine) and headbands (it’s a very random story, but suffice it to say a headband literally flew off my head in public and it was very funny).

So, after I bought my headbands and onesie, I checked out, selected that it was a gift, was able to include a personal note to tie my items in with the inside jokes, and it sent to my friend’s house. Voila! Done! Perfect!

My friend got them right before she had the baby and she sent me the picture included in this post. She’s wearing the little flower headband I got her in her official hospital photo! Aw, Aunt Amy is so proud! Welcome to the world, baby Audrey… the smallest fashionista I know!