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Product Review: Buff ‘n’ Tan

Tip #1 you should’ve gotten a level 2 instead of 3 spray tan: you wake up a new ethnicity.

Um, yeah, that’s definitely happened… and of course it was right before a big important event that I’d rather not look like Snooki at… But the last time I got a level 2 Mystic Spray tan, it wasn’t dark enough. The last time I got a spray tan at a salon, the woman had me get completely nude to do it (super awkward and I’d never do that again). My only other options were tanning creams, which leave me streaky, and tanning beds, which scare me! But I just learned about a new option: the “Buff ‘n’ Tan” treatment at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. So, I just had to try it out.

First of all, let me just say this was the BEST artificial tanning experience of my life. Not only was it relaxing to have done, but it didn’t have that awful smell (it smelled a little like self-tanner but not half as bad as the Mystic), and it lasted the longest of anything else I’ve ever tried.

They start you off with a therapeutic scrub (kind of like a 10-minute body massage but with a scrub). Then, they wipe you down with a glycolic wipe to remove all the dead skin cells. This not only is relaxing and opening up your pores, but it’s also getting to the freshest layer of skin so your tan is even and lasts longer.

Then they put on the tanner. An actual trained professional is putting this on you, so they’ll be able to determine the right level for you and use their expert eye to avoid any streaks. Mind you, you have a towel on your top and bottom, which keeps you covered just enough to keep even the most modest person (like me!) comfortable, but not show tan lines.

I didn’t have a single streak on my entire body and the tan lasted about 10 days before it started to fade away. The service at Mitchell’s costs $55-70 depending on the level of technician. Some things my gal told me to make it last longer is to: not wear tight fitting clothes right after you have it done – wear dark loose fitting clothes. Also, ideally wait 24 hours to shower after the treatment. In addition, don’t use a loofa or scrub (lightly use your hands and soap in the shower and don’t scrub), and don’t soak in a tub.

I definitely recommend the Buff ‘n’ Tan. Especially if you want to bring in the new year with a new glow. It’ll be the perfect thing to make you shine as the ball drops at your NYE party. Speaking of… Happy New Year! See you again “next year”! 🙂

Me after my buff 'n' tan! So chic and sunkissed!