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Smoker’s Facial Now Offered at The Face Place

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, but many people still do… 47 million people, one out of every five adults, to be exact.

While they’re probably aware they’re doing damage to their lungs, they might not know how taxing it is to their skin, too. Carbon monoxide and nicotine ingestion can cause premature wrinkling, free-radical production, and depletion of skin collagen—leading to duller, older-looking skin. That’s why The Face Place, a Milford-based spa, just lit up a new service for their clients: The “Smoker Facial”

This treatment includes all the facial imperatives such as skin exfoliation, extractions and deep cleansing, but it also features a detoxifying masque with charcoal as an active ingredient to pull out toxins and impurities from skin cells, while essential oils and other conditioning ingredients moisturize and replenish dull skin.

Sounds like a good habit to me, so check it out!

The Face Place | 632 Main St. | Milford | OH | 45150 | www.skincaretzone.com