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Review: Maui Whitening – West Chester

I like coffee and red wine, so let’s suffice it to say Crest White Strips and I have been friends for years. They worked great for me – I have pretty straight teeth, though, and that’s apparently who they work best for (they don’t apply as evenly when teeth aren’t completely even across).

But then two years ago, I fell and cracked my tooth. Instead of getting veneers, they did the less invasive approach and applied bonding to it. When they did that, they told me that I’d need to get my teeth professionally whitened from then on out (a professional has to make sure that the teeth aren’t getting whiter than the bonding, and vice versa)

Oh, grrrrrreat. Now I get to drop hundreds/thousands with a dentist every time I need to whiten instead of the $40 White Strips in my PJs. That’s what I thought until I read the Cincy Chic story we just published about Maui Whitening. They claimed to get the professional whitening results without the dentist price tag.

Ok, sold. I’ll try it. So, I did and the results are in… I lovvvvvved it!

I will say, it is more of a time commitment than the White Strips. You’re sitting in a dentist-esque chair for up to 90 minutes, depending on how much whitening you need and you have a special light shining on your teeth that you need protective eyewear for (so you can’t even be checking your phone to pass the time).

But you wouldn’t be able to do that at the dentist either. So, this is a GREAT option if you don’t want to pay the big pricetag at the dentist, and the White Strips don’t work for you! Samantha the owner did my whitening (before and afters below!) and she did a great job! She really knows her stuff!

To learn more about them, call 513-847-6008, visit www.mauiwhitening.com, like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.