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RECAP: Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival!

2016 Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival at the Kenwood Theater
2016 Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival at the Kenwood Theater
Last week, I had the honor of emceeing and getting Cincy Chic involved as the media sponsor for yet another great year of the Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival with True Artists Studio.

This was the fifth year for the festival and its fourth year at Kenwood theatre. With thousands of genre specific film festivals in existence, this is the one and only film festival for weddings, and it’s right here in Cincinnati! What I love about the event is that all the couples were there in the audience, popcorn in hand, to see their big day on the big screen and brides-to-be were wedding crashing from a theater seat. Very cool.

TAS_TICKETI learned years ago to wear my waterproof mascara to this event because I inevitably tear up at some point in the night watching these videos. It’s one of the most special days in a couple’s time together… the pinnacle moment when all the dreaming as a little girl, all the planning, and all the time dating that special someone turns into the day when you gather all your loved ones so you can shout from the mountain tops “This is my person!”

The love you see with each couple is so unique, so full, so pure, so genuine. I love watching these films because, after 7 years of marriage, I’m immediately taken back to our wedding day, and those feelings I felt as I saw him at the other end of the aisle, slipped that silver band on his finger, and kissed him for the first time as his wife… ahhh, I’m crying again!!

And I know if I’m feeling like this, I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be one of the couples watching their film in the audience. So, I caught up with them to see what it was like and this is what they said…

Brian & Amanda Fitzpatrick
Brian & Amanda Fitzpatrick
“It’s been a year since our wedding, time flies! Seeing our video on the big screen was surreal. All of those moments from that day came flooding back and left me a pile of tears and goo (I’m also 9 months pregnant, ha!) Every time I watch that video I catch things in the background I missed time and time before, it’s literally like watching it for the first time all over again. This night was no exception!” ~ Amanda Fitzpatrick

“Seeing ourselves on the big screen was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We felt like movie stars for the night!” ~ Lindsey Bollin

“Watching our wedding film, as well as everyone else’s, it was surreal.True Artist Studio makes films, not just a wedding video. Every film we saw was completely different with each couple’s personality shining through. Each was a story beautifully unveiled through Shane and Sara’s creativity and genuine thoughtfulness. We could not be more pleased, enjoyed all of our time with TAS, and would suggest to anyone planning a wedding, Let them tell your story.” ~ Amy Holbrook

New Cincy Chic Storyteller Package!

We’re teaming up with the talented videography team at True Artists Studio to launch an exciting new program here at Cincy Chic. It all started with some staggering stats we found… like 80% — that’s the percentage of Internet users who recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days, according to the Online Publishers Association. Of that 80%, 46% took action after viewing, such as:

  • 26% looked for more information about the subject of the video
  • 22% visited the website named in the ad
  • 15% visited the company represented in the video ad
  • 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad

That’s when we decided we had to start offering a package that includes beautiful and powerful HD-video production, shot on-site at your business. But it gets better — because we’re an online publication with a built in audience of 25,000 subscribers, we’re not just giving you a great video, we’re also giving it an audience because the package also includes: 400-600 word story, video embedded, about your business run with premium placement in a Cincy Chic issue selected by client; posted on Cincy Chic’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels (18,000+ fans); and a posting, video embedded, on Amy Scalia’s blogs. It also includes an issue sponsorship of ads the week of your run date, rights to the video, and a copy of the video file without the Cincy Chic intro/outro for your use outside of Cincy Chic channels (great for embedding on your site, expos, social media campaigns, etc)

Typically, something like this would cost thousands to produce, let alone also promote it for you. But, with us, it’s only $1,500! Below are a few examples of Storyteller videos we recently produced for clients. Hopefully YOUR story will be the next one we tell through this exclusive Storyteller package! Please email ascalia@cincychic.com if you have any questions, and for more video marketing stats, click here.


Living Legacy Films

My grandma, Mabel Storer
My grandma, Mabel Storer

A week and a half ago, my grandmother passed. She was my greatest inspiration, my biggest cheerleader, and still one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

She was 95 when she passed, so she lived a very full life. I remember her always telling stories – about growing up on a farm, milking the cows before school and realizing halfway through the day she had milk all over her shirt, starting a band with friends and making records together, working at the local newspaper – starting out as a secretary and eventually working her way up to be the editor of their Society page… I could go on… but like I said, she loved to tell her stories and I loved to listen to them. I’d give anything to sit next to her just one last time, holding her hand, as she recounted one of her many life adventures…

I was talking to a friend of mine Shane Pergrem, who owns True Artists Studio (they do the videography for all of our Cincy Chic events – check out our Youtube page here!). He had the same kind of special relationship with his grandfather. “He told some amazing stories to me as a kid. The kind of stories that you weren’t quite sure were completely true but they were exciting to hear and the way he told them was captivating,” Shane laughed.

While his grandfather past away when he was in high school, the memories of his great story telling lives on. It actually recently inspired Shane to launch Living Legacy Films, a new documentary series he’s producing for families to capture their stories on film.

“This gives each family the ability to archive history and pass it down to the next generation,” Shane explains. “We customize each film to each family’s interest. We’ve produced 10 minute shorts to 30 minute mini documentaries.”

I soooo wish I would have had the ability to do this with my grandma a few years ago before her memory started to deteriorate. We would have had a MUCH longer film than just 30 minutes though! haha!

This would be a great Christmas gift to give everyone in your family this year, and there’s still plenty of time to get it produced before then. From personally working with him so much over the years, I know you’ll love working with him AND the beautiful finished product he always creates.

Contact him at 859.305.1547 or video@trueartistsstudio.com. Watch an example of one of Shane’s Living Legacy Films below!

Living Legacy Films presents: The Oeder Family from True Artists Studio on Vimeo.

Amazing Cincy Chic Event Videos by The True Artists Studio!

About a year ago my friend Nidhi (who I just blogged about earlier today actually) introduced me to her friend Shane Pergrem who owns True Artists Studio. She told me he was an awesome videographer and to give him a call if we ever needed any videography done in the future. I ended up giving him a call because I thought it would be neat if we had video of our fashion shows and events instead of just pictures. He was immediately super excited about working on our events, started coming up with all these great ideas, and couldn’t wait to get started (I wrote this blog about him right after we started to work together).

(L-R) Michael Bambino - who's going to be doing an awesome "After the I Do's photoshoot with me and my hubby this weekend!; Nidhi Bedi, my friend of many years; and Shane Pergrem, owner of True Artists Studio who's been producing some incredible videos for Cincy Chic!
(L-R) Michael Bambino – who’s doing an awesome “After the I Do’s” photoshoot with me and my hubby this weekend!; Nidhi Bedi, my friend of many years who runs Elements Event Centre and A Bride’s Mafia; and Shane Pergrem of True Artists Studio who’s been producing some incredible videos for Cincy Chic!

He’s since done three videos for us (check them out below!) and I have to tell you, I’m just blown away by his work! He truly captures the look, activities and energy of the events! When I emceed his Wedding Film Festival for him in May, I got to see a ton of his wedding work, and that was even more incredible! (I cried like a baby after every video and I had to emcee!! haha!)

So, like I mentioned in my last blog, now that it’s officially Summer (aka weddings galore) I definitely recommend Shane. He does everything from weddings and events like Cincy Chic’s to commercials, and full-length films.

He also does a lot of charitable work for churches and non profits, such as City Gospel Mission and Montgomery Community Church (he gives discounted rates for all non profits FYI). He also gives back by donating money to organizations such as To Write Love On Her Arms (a non profit for depression, self abuse and suicide).

Plus, a project he’s currently working on is starting to generate some big buzz. He’s producing a local web show called “Cincy Now” (they’re filming for a segment on Cincy Chic’s Red Pink & Blue event next Friday, actually!!). The show will have a pilot launch party on Aug 17 at Mynt downtown. They’re in talks with some big stations to pick it up, so you may be hearing even more about it soon!

So, definitely give him a call if you ever need video. I’m just loving every piece he produces for us (I think you will too – so make sure you watch them below!). The only thing better than his work is his personality, so I know you’ll love him!!!