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Turn It On Fitness Event April 18

Skin-baring summer is almost here, so it’s time to hit the gym! Yes… even when you don’t feel like it. But here’s something that’ll help you get out of bed in the morning… Turn it On Fitness! The idea of this line is that it’s “crossover” fitness and fashion wear. So, you can be a fashionista in and outside the gym!

My friend Juetta (former Ben-Gal cheerleader) launched the line a little over a year ago (click here to read my previous blog posts about Turn It On Fitness) and she’s been going gangbusters growing the brand and getting national press coverage.

She’s having an event in Cincinnati on April 18 with her fellow Ben-Gal friends, and you’re invited! Check out the invite below! It’s from 6-8pm, which will be held at SOTO Salon on the the Ohio. SOTO is located at 900b Adams Crossing in Cincinnati, Ohio. RSVP by calling (513)651-9889 or by emailing jaime@SOTO900b.com.


Co-Writing assistance by Guest Blogger, Sydney Murdock

Turn It On Fitness Adds More Styles

I just got an exciting email from a new fashion line I’ve been watching! Turn it On Fitness (started by a former Ben-Gal and Dayton-based Project Runway star Althea Harper) is launching more styles …the new Knockout Bra is my absolute favorite!

The idea of this line is that it’s “crossover” fitness and fashion wear. So, you can be a fashionista in and outside the gym! Check out pics below of how you can wear the new Knockout Bra in both settings. I love the way they styled it!!

Click here to read about when we first announced this line launching last year, click here to see when I tried out my first Turn it On Fitness top, and click here to see when we featured Turn it On Fitness in one of our Cincy Chic fashion shows!

I love seeing the two ladies with local ties behind this business succeed! Go get ’em gals!



Women’s Health Expo Recap!

I had SO much fun at this past Saturday’s Women’s Health Expo at The Phoenix downtown! We had more than 600 RSVPs and they enjoyed free mammograms, tasty (and healthy!) treats, a crossover fitness fashion show, free physician seminars, and 40+ vendors to shop with and learn from!

From Tennis to Tea, Turn It On Fitness Crossover fashions have you covered.
From tennis to tea, Turn It On Fitness Crossover fashions have you covered.

Here are a few highlights of the event for me… of course, the fashion show was awesome. The clothing was by Turn It On Fitness, which I blogged about a couple months ago here and we wrote about here in Cincy Chic. The line was created by former Ben-Gal cheerleader Juetta West and was designed by Project Runway star (and Dayton native) Althea Harper. The idea is that it’s clothing that’s functional enough for the gym and fashionable enough for everywhere else! The models in the show came out in pairs – one styled with the “fitness” look, and one styled with the “fashion” look – and it really helped to show how you could easily transition each piece.

The pic My Health Coach Zach posted to his instagram during the show!
The pic My Health Coach Zach posted to his instagram during the show!

Then, I stopped by to see “My Health Coach Zach” (we recently wrote about him here in Cincy Chic) who gave me great advice about tweaks to make to my nutrition to increase my chances of getting pregnant… shortly after his coaching, I got preggo, just sayin’! 🙂 He and I chatted about some things we can do to get my husband feeling better from his RA symptoms, and he suggested a new type of test he offers that can test for any food allergies that you may have. My husband’s RA tends to flare whenever he has gluten, so Zach was thinking maybe some other allergies might be flaring him up too! Apparently, they just take your blood and test it that way, which sounds easy and painless enough. So, I’m going to look into getting him that food allergy test asap!

(top two) The Owl Be Sweatin' gals (bottom) The DEFINE Studio gals!
(top two) The Owl Be Sweatin’ gals (bottom) The DEFINE Studio gals!

Then, I ran into the gals from Owl Be Sweatin’. We’ve written about them a couple times in Cincy Chic, and they’re good friends of a friend of mine, but I had never met them before or seen their headbands in person before. Holy cow do these headbands work well! They’re adjustable, non-slip headbands made in a variety of colors and patterns. Because you can adjust them to perfectly fit you, you don’t get those headband headaches. And they’re only $16! What a great concept! Definitely check them out!

10273755_10152446029906282_34290227450171485_nLast but not least, I stopped by to see the girls at DEFINE studio, which just opened in Oakley (we wrote about them in Cincy Chic here). They were telling me about their “revolution” classes that they do that are a unique twist to spinning classes. Dark room, upbeat music, incorporating choreographed movements with super effective isometrics.  I used to be a Spin instructor a few years ago and I was in the best shape of my life when I was doing it. So, post-baby I’m definitely going to have to go check that out!

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Turn It On Featured in Women’s Health Magazine!

April issue of Women's Health where Turn It On Fitness is featured!
April issue of Women’s Health where Turn It On Fitness is featured!

What does Cincinnati, Women’s Health Magazine, fitness, fashion, and Shakira all have in common? Turn It On Fitness!

How, you ask? Well, Shakira’s personal trainer Anna Kaiser was featured in the April 2014 issue of Women’s Health wearing and raving about her Turn It On Fitness Speed Pant ($105), a new crossover fitness wear fashion line developed by two local ladies.

We wrote about Turn It On Fitness in Cincy Chic a few months ago here, and I blogged here about my Turn It On Karma top ($80). So, not to brag, but we totally broke this story waaaay before Women’s Health did. haha!

No, but seriously, this is SUPER impressive and I’m so proud of Juetta and Althea, the ladies behind Turn It On. This is just the first of many major publications that will be noticing your hard work and fab (and FUNCTIONAL) designs! Congrats!

“Turn It On Fitness” Crossover Fitness Fashion

The Karma Top, by Turn It On Fitness, a new Crossover Fitness Fashion line launched by two Tri-State natives.

In last week’s issue of Cincy Chic, we wrote about “Turn It On,” a new women’s clothing line launched by two Tri-State natives. It talked about how a former Ben-Gal Cheerleader and model, Juetta West, and Althea Harper, the runner up on Project Runway Season 6 and designer of her own fashion line teamed up to launch this unique “Crossover” line. It’s designed to take you from the gym to work or play (and everything in between).

Me with Juetta at coffee!
Me with Juetta at coffee!

Juetta reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she’s been a long-time reader of Cincy Chic… even once she moved to Hawaii several years ago!  I’ve been following Althea since her pre-Project Runway days, so I was so excited to read the Cincy Chic story about how she and Juetta teamed up to create this great new line. I was even more excited when Juetta said she would be in Cincinnati to do a few trunk shows to launch the line and said she could meet me for coffee!

Then, when we met, she came bearing gifts! She wanted me to try out one of their items – the Karma top – to let her know what I thought of it. The top features a loose fit with open draping back and open shoulders. It’s made of 92% Supplex® nylon and 8% spandex with moisture wicking and 4-way stretch (click here to learn about the unique kinds of fabrics they use). This top is $80 on their site, and their other tops start at $80 as well; the skirts at $90; the pants at $105 and the jackets are typically around $140.

I love my new Karma Top because I can throw it on with skinny jeans and jewelry and I’m ready to meet my girlfriends for cocktails. A blazer, dress pants and pumps for work. Or workout pants, sports bra and gym shoes for a good workout. Check out a few ways I’ve worn my new Turn It On Karma Top thus far in the pics below, and click here to check out Turn It On Fitness for yourself!