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Warehouse B Sneak Peek

Me and my new Chloe shades in Warehouse B

I got an email from a place called “Warehouse B” the other day, inviting me to come to a blogger tour through their new store in Tri-County. I went to their site and it looked like a closeout warehouse for electronics and appliances. Sounded interesting, so I thought what the heck… I’ll go!

I had a little trouble finding it… My GPS kept telling me it was on the north side of 275 but it was actually south right across from Tri-County mall. So, if you plan to go, make a note of the location and don’t listen to your GPS if it tries to send you up north!

But once I got there, I was quite impressed. I learned that this is a new concept from the masterminds behind Best Buy. Think of Sams Club – sans food – but with more brand names.

They have everything from designer sunglasses and jewelry to appliances and electronics. The practical angel on my shoulder told me to get a new food processor or something else I need. But the fashionista devil on my shoulder told me to make a beeline for the sunglasses… Which is exactly what I did 🙂

They had Kate Spade, Chloe, Coach, and a ton of other amazing designer glasses! After trying on a few, I fell in love with a pair of tan and gold Chloe shades. I looked online and they were about half of retail. DONE! MINE!

I searched through the rest of the store and tried to find something a little more practical (I had told my husband I was going…so he was hoping I’d bring some electronics back for him). And I did see a laptop for $189, which is awesome. But the “practical” thing I ended up getting was a garden hose. haha! I know… super random.

I actually laughed when I went to the register and told the clerk “Sorry! Super random purchase… designer sunglasses and a garden hose!” And she said “Well, that’s the beauty of Warehouse B – random is what we’re all about!”

I talked with the store manager and she said they’re going to broaden that randomness even more in the near future. They plan to get high-end handbags, more electronics and appliances, music gear, landscaping items and home decor.

Definitely a great place worth checking out – and checking out often because their inventory will change weekly. Their weekly new arrivals hit the floor on Wednesday, so that’s when to go! And you can sign up for their email notifications to get a run-down of what’s coming in at www.warehouseb.com.