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Big Daddy Walker Productions – New, More Affordable, Packages for Small Weddings

We’ve been using Big Daddy Walker Productions for our DJ services for all our events this year and I’ve been LOVING them! They’re always on-time, always prepared, and always keep the energy up with our crowds!

We’ve had nightmares before with other DJ services… mic feedback so bad people left, batteries dying mid-presentation with NO backup batteries, speakers dying with no back-up, you name it! So, I of course was nervous about going with someone new this year, but they’ve honestly been AMAZING! Haven’t had one issue all year, and that’s saying a LOT with how complicated our events can be! For example, our most recent event, at the Cincinnati Art Museum, last year attendees said they couldn’t hear me emceeing because of all the echoes in the big marble room we were in. The DJ with BDWP came in this year and tweaked for hours prior to the event to make sure the levels were just right to avoid echos. We didn’t have ANY complaints this year about not being able to hear — I’m SO thankful!

At the event on Friday, I got to talking with the DJ about what’s new with biz and he said that they’re now offering a new, more affordable, package for smaller weddings who just need the basics. I know a lot of my millennial friends (geesh that makes me sound old) are having very intimate weddings now, and are more budget conscious than ever, so I know this is right up their alley! I figured I’d do a blog about it in case any one else out there is planning a small event or wedding where this would be a good fit for them! Here are more details about the package:

For smaller weddings/events of 100 guests or less. $695 BASIC MUSIC SERVICE:

  • DJ only
  • Pre-event telephone communication
  • 4 Hours of Music
  • Top Quality DJ equipment
  • 5 Special Dances
  • Online forms filled out by client
  • Phone consultation
  • Online planning tools for clients use

To learn more, or to contact them, visit http://bigdaddywalkerproductions.com

Cincy Chic’s “Cocktails & Couture” event at the Cincinnati Art Museum

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Big Daddy Walker Productions – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

He’s a DJ, he’s an emcee, he’s an officiant… he’s Big Daddy Walker! I just worked with him for the first time and it was AMAZING! Read on to see how they can be a one-stop-shop contact for all your event’s entertainment needs (aka less work and more fun for you!).

Allen Walker (left) is the founder of Big Daddy Walker Productions and offers DJ and officiant services for your wedding.

Picking a DJ for your event is important. The DJ can make the difference between a fun, well-put-together celebration and a boring or disastrous one, so you don’t want to pick just any business. For a professional DJ service for your wedding, corporate event, grand opening, birthday, graduation, or anniversary celebration, go with Big Daddy Walker Productions. Owned by Allen Walker, who is also the main entertainer, Big Daddy Walker Productions is Cincinnati’s most awarded Wedding DJ company, having received the Best of Weddings honor from The Knot for seven straight years.

Big Daddy Walker Productions does more than just playing top 40 hits and providing karaoke. It provides a level of service other companies don’t.

“We coordinate with the bride and groom through the planning process,” Walker explains. “We notice the small things everyone else thinks isn’t their job. We fix issues before they become a problem. So you could say you hired a professional DJ/MC and got the reception time planner also. We make the bride and groom look great. We speak professionally and clearly during announcements.”

Big Daddy Walker Productions aims to provide an event experience that guests will remember for years, and for the right reasons. “We make sure their wedding isn’t the one their friends are talking about being boring when no one else is around.”

Before founding Big Daddy Walker Productions, Walker was Countrywide Financial’s regional business development manager. He developed 300 sales consultations to perform at a high sales level with their real estate agents.

After he fell victim to the 2008 economic collapse, he decided to go back to school and get a degree in special education from Xavier University. During that process, he was encouraged by a friend to DJ. This part-time gig eventually became a full-time job, and “before I could graduate our company had grown to enough that it made more sense to continue with the DJ company,” says Walker.

Big Daddy Walker Productions was officially founded in 2010 and their business model developed quickly.

“We designed training manuals to duplicate how we offered our services and what small things made a BIG difference in making events not just ‘good’ but great,” Walker says. “We saw a need for strong quality DJs in this market that could speak well on the microphone and play the right music at the right time and started our business model accordingly.”

Walker has strong advice for anyone looking for a DJ company: Do your homework.

“Many times brides and grooms use a family friend or hire a DJ company without truly checking them out and I would caution anyone throwing an event to never try to save money on your event by hiring cheap, part time and unprofessional DJs,” Walker says.

He advises clients to make sure a DJ company is insured and pays for their music, and explains, “The quality in the speakers matter, the quality in the mixer matter, the quality in the microphones matter and most of all the quality in the people of the organization matter,” he says. “Don’t waste $24,400 on a wedding by only paying $600 for your DJ.”

To learn more, visit http://bigdaddywalkerproductions.com and watch the exclusive webcast of Big Daddy Walker emceeing a recent Cincy Chic event below!

RECAP: Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival!

2016 Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival at the Kenwood Theater
2016 Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival at the Kenwood Theater
Last week, I had the honor of emceeing and getting Cincy Chic involved as the media sponsor for yet another great year of the Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival with True Artists Studio.

This was the fifth year for the festival and its fourth year at Kenwood theatre. With thousands of genre specific film festivals in existence, this is the one and only film festival for weddings, and it’s right here in Cincinnati! What I love about the event is that all the couples were there in the audience, popcorn in hand, to see their big day on the big screen and brides-to-be were wedding crashing from a theater seat. Very cool.

TAS_TICKETI learned years ago to wear my waterproof mascara to this event because I inevitably tear up at some point in the night watching these videos. It’s one of the most special days in a couple’s time together… the pinnacle moment when all the dreaming as a little girl, all the planning, and all the time dating that special someone turns into the day when you gather all your loved ones so you can shout from the mountain tops “This is my person!”

The love you see with each couple is so unique, so full, so pure, so genuine. I love watching these films because, after 7 years of marriage, I’m immediately taken back to our wedding day, and those feelings I felt as I saw him at the other end of the aisle, slipped that silver band on his finger, and kissed him for the first time as his wife… ahhh, I’m crying again!!

And I know if I’m feeling like this, I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be one of the couples watching their film in the audience. So, I caught up with them to see what it was like and this is what they said…

Brian & Amanda Fitzpatrick
Brian & Amanda Fitzpatrick
“It’s been a year since our wedding, time flies! Seeing our video on the big screen was surreal. All of those moments from that day came flooding back and left me a pile of tears and goo (I’m also 9 months pregnant, ha!) Every time I watch that video I catch things in the background I missed time and time before, it’s literally like watching it for the first time all over again. This night was no exception!” ~ Amanda Fitzpatrick

“Seeing ourselves on the big screen was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We felt like movie stars for the night!” ~ Lindsey Bollin

“Watching our wedding film, as well as everyone else’s, it was surreal.True Artist Studio makes films, not just a wedding video. Every film we saw was completely different with each couple’s personality shining through. Each was a story beautifully unveiled through Shane and Sara’s creativity and genuine thoughtfulness. We could not be more pleased, enjoyed all of our time with TAS, and would suggest to anyone planning a wedding, Let them tell your story.” ~ Amy Holbrook

Big Daddy Walker Productions

I chatted with Allen Walker for this article we did on his business in last week’s Wedding Issue of Cincy Chic. I decided to do a blog about him too because – as an event planner – his concept just makes so much sense if you plan ANY kid of event… wedding, corporate, personal, etc. They don’t just do DJing, which is all I thought they did when I first started talking with them for the story, but they also do the lights, emceeing, officiating, and even do those cool photo slideshows of pics people are taking live at your event. How great that you can just go through one person for all of that?! I’m going to repost the story I wrote about him below, but I wanted to personally give them a shout out to save anyone who’s planning a wedding/event some time and frustration by not having to work with a million people and get them all on the same page (been there, done that). Here’s his website if you want to learn more.

Allen Walker knows that planning a wedding can be stressful. That’s why his company Big Daddy Walker Productions serves as a one-stop-shop for everything entertainment during your big day.

From DJ, karaoke, MC, officiant, sound, lights, and entertainment, Big Daddy Walker Productionsoffers it all. Established in 2002 with a long history of entertainment services, Walker says they also stay on the cutting edge by maintain the latest in music selections and frequently update equipment and services.

Allen Walker with Big Daddy Walker Productions

In fact, they just added a new service called “Foto Bomb” to their entertainment line-up. The service allows attendees of your wedding or event to submit their photos via smart phone – no application needed – to a short code and it will be submitted to a slideshow that will play throughout the event, and be added to a zip drive given to the event host at the end of the night.“Big Daddy Walker Productions truly cares about entertainment and making your next event a success,” Walker says. “We believe that music and entertainment has the ability to connect people and further relationships.”

Connecting and building relationships also earned Big Daddy Walker Productions several awards. In fact, they’ve been named Best of Weddings by The Knot for five straight years and inducted into the Hall of Fame. “We are the only DJ service in Cincinnati to ever earn that distinction,” he says. “We aim to bring to you and your guest the absolute best in wedding Emcee and DJ services. We ensure that every detail is covered to give you the night of your life.”

Walker says that because they’re privately owned and managed, he keeps a careful eye on quality, and that’s his secret to success. “We have one chance to get it right, and that’s how we train our DJs to perform,” he explains. “DJs have to shadow me for a year before they’re released and certified to do the weddings. We have 17 DJs total right now who can do a variety of events, but only five are committed to and certified to do weddings. That’s how we keep our quality in tact.”

To learn more, visit www.bigdaddywalkerproductions.com.

I’m Blogging for Wendy’s Bridal!

This week is our Wedding Issue of Cincy Chic so I thought it was only fitting that I shared with you some exciting news: I’m now the wowing wedding writer behind the Wendy’s Bridal blog! (say that 10 times fast! haha!)

I actually started blogging for them back in November, right before their big Bridal Expo in December. Since then, I’ve been learning SO much about the industry, designers, and business itself. I finally feel in the groove with it and I’ve been consistently writing one a week now, and even including some cool videos. Like the one just posted about the Grammy fashion inspirations (dresses that they have in-store that follow trends that walked the red carpet at the Grammy’s).

It’s been a really fun project and I wanted to share with you that I’m doing this so you can check it out — especially if you’re a bride to be or know one. Check out http://wendysbridalcincinnati.tumblr.com!

RECAP: 2016 Wendy’s Bridal Show!

Gosh, it’s hard to believe it’s actually over! All the planning, visualizing, practicing… then the whirlwind of the two-day show… and then you sit, with your feet up on the couch, looking at all the fun pictures you took the event (which is what I’m doing right now)!

I emceed the fashion shows both days at Wendy’s Bridal Show last weekend, which was seriously one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been a part of to be honest (and just some quick math here, I’d say that’s over 100). New View Models provided all the models for the event, menswear was from Pepe Ramundo & Sons, and the bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses were from (you guessed it) Wendy’s Bridal! Some of my favorite brands featured were Allure, KITTYCHEN, and what ended up being my favorite, David Tutera for Mon Cheri.

As I noted in my emceeing script, the biggest trend for 2016 is attention to detail on the back of the gown with lace, beading and extra sparkle. Definitely a great event, and an especially fabulous fashion show.

Check out some pics from the show below!


Wendy’s Bridal Show – Jan. 2 & 3!

I love love loved planning my wedding. I guess that’s why I was EXTRA excited when Wendy’s Bridal wanted to work together. I’ve been working with them to write their blog posts, post fun stuff on their social media, do webcasts with some of their awesome vendors, and I’ll also emcee their fashion shows on Jan. 2 & 3!

Hope to see all you blushing brides next week at the expo! Check out some of the sneak peeks videos I did below!

Reading Bridal District Fall In Love Bridal Show



Cincy Chic is working with the Reading Bridal District to put together this AWESOME event for local brides! Man, I wish there were events like this when I was getting married (does that make me sound old? haha!) But seriously, if you have wedding bells in your future, grab your gal pals and come to enjoy this fun night. You’ll get to pop in lots of fun bridal shops to get ideas, enjoy refreshments, and enter to win tons of prizes (like a $10k wedding giveaway!). All the details are below – hope to see you there!


Reading Bridal District Fall In Love Bridal Show

September 17, 2015

Time: 6pm-9pm

Spend the evening on the streets of the Reading Bridal District & meet dozens of wedding professionals to make your wedding perfect & a chance to win a wedding giveaway.

SPECIAL OFFER: Print this Offer for 3 Free Raffle Tickets for the Giveaway

Event Venue Name:

Reading Bridal District
118 W Benson St, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Event/Organization/Company Website:


Website to Buy Ticket :


Ticket Price:

With your $5 admission fee you will receive (3) Free Raffle tickets for the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the evening. You can purchase additional raffle tickets for $2 each or (3) for $5.00.*

Two Upcoming Bridal Events!

I cannot believe that Pete and I are coming up on our SEVENTH wedding anniversary soon! It seriously seems like yesterday, but in reality I know it wasn’t. Especially when I hear my younger friends (ack, that makes me sound old!) talk about using Pinterest to find all kinds of great ideas, and going to fun bridal shows to find the local vendors who will make their big day dreams come true.

Back in the day (yup, definitely old), there was no Pinterest and the bridal expos — the one or two a year that existed — were boring and held at the convention center downtown. So, all you ladies with wedding bells in your future, soak it in because this is a great time to be engaged! GO to these fun expos! GO with all your Pinterest boards created. Meet, greet and enjoy planning that super special day! Here are two expos coming up (one for all you gals up north closer to Dayton, and another one is downtown at the casino… yes, you can plan your wedding while visiting the casino… hey, win big and it’ll pay for it! haha!)

Enjoy… Ya young whippersnappers! 😉


Alterations by Toni – Perfect for Weddings and Gift-Giving!

LOVING these monogrammed robes from Alterations by Toni

This week’s Black Friday officially kicks off gift-giving season, and the holidays get all the love birds fluttering about and getting engaged for wedding season in a few months! So, I thought I’d tell you my best kept secret for both… Alterations by Toni.

Alterations by Toni created this bride’s “something blue”!

First of all, they’re the best in town. They have 10 seamstresses on staff, with more than 40 years of experience, so if you need ANYTHING altered, they’re who I’d recommend, but especially for trusting someone with your wedding dress, Toni’s the one to call! From pant hems to bridal gowns, they do it all: menswear, ladies wear, bridesmaids, mothers of bride/groom.

I love being a fan on their facebook page because they post before and afters of their bridal gown transformations. Like, if a daughter wants to wear her mom’s gown, but re-fashioned to look more up-to-date.

A refashioned wedding dress I found on Alterations by Toni's Facebook page! How amazing is that?!?
A refashioned wedding dress I found on Alterations by Toni’s Facebook page! How amazing is that?!?

They have a full line of bridal services in addition to alterations: veils, handmade garters, monogrammed hankies, ring bearer pillows, gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen, storage until the wedding day, preservation after the wedding, etc

The Alterations by Toni shop where you can find the BEST gift items to monogram

Toni is also the one to call if you need anything monogrammed which is great for personalizing clothing, accessories (like handbags, scarves, robes, etc), Christmas gifts, or even gifts for your bridal party! They can monogram just about anything of yours, or they have items in-stock you can monogram too (like bath wraps, robes, cosmetic cases, jewelry cases, totes galore, tea towels, dinner napkins, coasters, baby onesies, bibs, bloomers, receiving blankets, etc). They have more than 50 monogram styles in every color imaginable, so you can customize it just the way you want it.

Oh, and the best part is that they have super fast turnaround for last minute emergencies (like me… always waiting till the last minute to get a gift or alter that dress I need to wear in the wedding party! haha!)