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Your Stylist LLC Looking for Interns!

Love fashion and want to get experience in the field? (Or know someone who does?) Our friend in fashion, Jackie Neville, the founder of Your Stylist LLC is currently hiring interns to help her keep up with clients, style seminars, events and fashion shows. If you are a #girlboss in the making, are dedicated and willing to work at a moment’s notice, love talking to people and truly getting to know them… this could be just the opportunity for you! You’ll be working with Jackie in her studio, out with clients, in stores shopping, helping with events and fashion shows. If interested, email jneville.yourstylist@gmail.com with a cover letter and resume.

Review: Personal Shopping by Your Stylist LLC

In February, I got a Closet Audit by Your Stylist LLC, and told you all about it (so fun and I learned so much!) During the Closet Audit, Jackie assesses your style and which key pieces you might be missing. Then, the next step, is that she provides her expertise as a Personal Shopper.

You set your budget and then she determines which stores will have the perfect additions to your wardrobe. She bases this decision mainly based on your style and budget, but what I love about it, is that because she does this for a living, she knows WHEN to shop for the best sales, selections, new arrivals, and things like that. Things that a “normal” person would never know. And because of that, you get the items that are the best fit for you, at the best price.

Which by the way, these services aren’t for the rich and famous. We actually calculated up how much she was saving the client she was there at a the store for. Her client had designer taste but a bargain budget, and just by Jackie knowing about certain sales and savings events, she was able to get lots of “looks for less” that MORE than paid for her services.

As for pricing, it’s a flat rate of $150 to get a complete a pre-shop prior to your shopping trip together. This saves a ton of time, travel …and probably your sanity. All you have to do is show up and try on!

Jackie makes it REALLY easy on you, by setting all the items you need, and even taking the time to find coordinating pieces and accessories, so you can leave with go-to outfits if you like the look!

Then, you two can shop together for her $65 an hour rate for however long you’d like. This is where she can learn more about you and your style and she can offer you tips, tricks and how to incorporate current trends into your wardrobe.

Jackie Neville, founder of Your Stylist

Now, if you don’t want to meet at the store to try on the items she pulled, or go through and shop together, another option would be to have Jackie shop for you alone, make the purchases, bring them to you, and then she takes care of returns afterwards. The rates vary with this option based on time and travel.

This seems like a FABULOUS option for people who don’t like to shop, or don’t have the time, but despirately need a wardrobe refresh; those who feel like they don’t know what to shop for or how to make it look just right; or they just want to get the most bang for their buck by having a professional shopper find their looks for less! Your Stylist with Jackie Neville can help with all that!

To learn more, visit http://www.yourstylistjackie.com, or if you have any questions, you can contact Jackie directly at 513-292-8107 or jneville.yourstylist@gmail.com.

Review: Your Stylist, LLC

With having two kids in three years, my body has changed and I feel like I have NO TIME to shop or spend time getting creative with my wardrobe like I used to. So, as a result, I had three go-to outfits I kept wearing over and over again because I knew they fit, were comfortable, and were somewhat on-trend. In a pre-Facebook world, that might have worked a little better, but I kept getting embarrassed knowing that I had JUST worn the same thing when I posted something last week! haha!

Jackie Neville, founder of Your Stylist

I met Jackie Neville, founder of Your Stylist, at an event a couple months ago, and she said her specialty is helping women out of their style ruts. Ok, you have my attention, Jackie! 🙂

So,  I met her and filled out her initial questionnaire so she could learn about my lifestyle, style, and things I needed help with (like needing more go-to outfits!), etc.

She then came to my house, and did a full-on closet consultation to get rid of things that didn’t fit me well, determine what needed to be tailored to better fit me (and therefore get worn more often), and then she did a REALLY cool thing where she sorted my closet by outfit. She used these special hangers, where she had a shirt and a few different pants/skirts/jackets/sweaters that I could wear with it to make a full outfit. Voila, I have a TON of go-to outfits now!

I can’t tell you how much easier this makes my life every morning! Definitely recommend her! Click here to check out her site, and all the services she offers (she does personal shopping, etc., too!). I also recommend following her on Facebook and Instagram for some great styling and trend tips!